Thank God! They are here.

Ohhh…..Pheww…….Thank God they are here…!!!

The most awaited guest whom I welcome every month, with an open and warm heart. My Periods!

Ha! you might think what is special with me? 

Like any other teenage girl I was also the same, in a word you can call us the noobs, the “PERIOD-HATERS”. Then I grew up and became a PERIOD SEEKER, wanna know how?

I still remember my first period, it was the Christmas holidays (7th grade), one cold December night. I was not shocked, since I had a prior knowledge of menstrual cycles. We had seminars in our school regarding the same and even my mother discussed with me a lot about it. 

But that day I realised that theoretical knowledge is completely different from the practical experience. Yes… you’re right, It had arrived, I was scared. I ran to my mom, she hugged me and gave me all the comfort, and finally taught me how to use my first ever sanitary napkin.

Periods! I literally hated it. But then, I got PCOD (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome). I started missing my due dates, had irregular flow rates, atypical cramps, untimely mood swings, loss of appetite and many more uncountable symptoms. (If you ever get similar symptoms, get it checked before it’s too late.)

PCOD is a condition when the female body starts producing more number of male hormones than it should. And consequently, the ovaries develop multiple cysts. PCOD can happen due to various reasons (some of them are)-

  1. Unhealthy lifestyle (eating a lot of junk, disturbed sleep cycle etc.)
  2. Taking a lot of stress for prolonged time periods.
  3. Increase in body weight.

I was really devastated this time, when my gynaecologist told me how this can affect my child bearing abilities, along with increased risk of prenatal complications like gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and moreover the most painful one to hear was- infertility and breast/ovarian cancers.

I took the charge of healing myself, and soon learned and discovered the lifestyle changes by which one can reverse PCOD.

Run, Run and Run:

Try to do some physical activity or workout every day. It boosts our metabolism, and good metabolism is definitely going to bring you to healthy, consistent & regular periods. I am more of a zumba person, but you can also do gymming/cycling/running/swimming.

Red is the colour my friend! :

If you wish to have smoother flow rates every month, include one secret veggie in your salad, i.e., BEETROOT! You can also drink beetroot juice/beetroot detox water. And see how it changes your period cycles and does wonders to your health.

Yoga se ye bhi heal hoga:

Trust me guys, I have learnt Asanas during my PCOD journey, that can do miracles by not only bringing periods timely, but also leading you to desirable healthy menstrual cycles, improving your mood & less painful PMSing.

I would like to mention that my periods became normal WITHOUT TAKING ANY MEDICATION. Trust me it works, just practice these things consistently, stay positive about the results, don’t be depressed if you missed it this month (eat dark chocolates), work harder!

They will knock your door next month for sure I promise, be a fighter, girl!

And then you’d say…….Ohhh…..Pheww…….Thank God they are here…!!

Author: Mitali Jain | Editor: Taahira Kisna | Publisher: Kosha Life


Once again you impressed us with your writings. This time by choosing this topic, you showed that you have enough courage to discuss any topic, especially on which girls usually ignore.

Very well decribe…keep it up.

Rajesh Jain July 10, 2021

Excellent …. keep it up….. your writeup is up to the mark…

Surendra jain July 09, 2021

Informative 👍

Shraddha Dheman April 22, 2021

I’ve never read a blog like this before. It’s really amazing.

Jaya Nayak April 14, 2021

Congratulations Mitali, You Have Written a Fantastic Blog!

Anirudh March 18, 2021

Very courageous efforts to pen down the fact, I am sure this courage will show right path to so many girls who r unaware about this and would help them to get prepared to handle it.
God bless you my Kiddo.
Love and blessings from Daddy

ViKas March 18, 2021

Thank you everyone for such beautiful comments….Thank you Taahira and Anirudh for giving me this opportunity i am so grateful to you both.

Mitali Jain March 18, 2021


neetika March 18, 2021

Nicely described…

Ms. Surbhi Jain March 17, 2021

Great work you girl!

I feel many of us can resonate with everything you have talked around in your blog. More power to you.

Thank you for such an insightful piece of writing.

Charu Rajpal March 17, 2021

Great work girl!
You are truly inspiring all the women out their. I know girls who are suffering from PCOD and shared this blog with them. I hope they take the inspiration from you and get well soon✌🏻.

Saloni Maheshwari March 17, 2021

Amazing writing.

Mradul Mishra March 17, 2021

Very informative and motivating

Smriti mishra March 17, 2021

Loved it! Thanks Mitali and Taahira!

Devanshi March 17, 2021

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