“A letter to the food on my plate”

A route towards guilt free eating!

Hi you guys, I am back with a new exciting experiment that I just tried upon being guided by my mentor Charu mam, my life coach, one of my teachers from the Longevity course club.

So, during our follow up sessions I just mentioned to her that, how I have been constantly trying to reduce my weight but due to my noxious habits of inconsistency, it has just remained a plan on the paper which has been executed multiple times via different curriculums like dieting, gym, zumba classes, yoga lessons and lots of things, yet never reached the desirable goals.

She figured out that on of the major reasons of me not reaching my weight loss goals was due to my inconsistent diet schedules, my improper eating schedules, wrong methods of eating food, incompatible food combinations, incorrect intake of fruits and milk products.

But she said the most impactful reason was “GUILT EATING”.

I was shocked, as she told me while eating a pizza when we tell ourselves it’s a bad idea, we should be avoiding it at night, we should have a light dinner, but we Indians, we have the largest and heaviest meals in dinner, come on, none can disagree!

She told me when we constantly tell ourselves in our mind that this pizza is gonna go and stick inside our body as fat and it is not going to give us any nutrition it would only bring us more calories!!

That is when we make it POISONOUS for our body!!

She says as per her food therapy and experiments with the “LAW OF ATTRACTION” she learnt that, we can literally talk to our food and it really listens to us, if we tell our food politely, first of all thankyou for blessing me with all your nutrition, and thankyou dear food for satisfying my hunger, I am very lucky to have you, just like we generally pray and thank the god for food, similarly if we also talk to our food or pray to it, we can literally attract desirable health in our lives.

Not only desirable health, rather desirable body shape, curves, flexibility, strength, immunity as well. All you have to do is start talking to the food in your plate, it’s not something new that I am telling you to do, you have already been doing this all your life, don’t you agree, while eating chocolates & ice-creams, you tell yourself, “Aaj toh Party hai!” similarly while eating broccoli, don’t you make weird faces and tell yourself, how much you dislike it.

All the chubby people out there, I am sure you can totally relate to what I am trying to say. So let me tell you, the tiny experiment that my mentor asked me to try;

  1. A letter to the food:

Dear Food,

Thank you for satisfying my hunger. All I want to say to you that today I wish to have this pizza it has been on my craving list this whole week and since it is the week-end I really wish to skip my diet I have this nutritious get loaded cheese Burst Pizza.

Kindly adjust for me tonight, and I will be back on a healthy diet, craving tonight satisfy all I want from you, is that kindly acknowledge and make some adjustments for me. 

Results: guilt free eating, low stress levels, minimized anxiety!

  1. A tiny chat with the food: regarding desirable body goals

Dear food,

All I wish today is that you fill my body with nutrition, higher energy, glowing skin and longer hair! 

Results: reduced weight, thick and long hair, less pimples, easier digestion, happy bowel system!

I know you all must be thinking that does it really work, but are we not aware of the LAW OF ATTRACTION, don’t we all agree we become what we think!

I guess its time for us to take this law to the next level, and achieve what we desire by taking small measures of self-help which can improve our self-health.

  1. Diet is tough, so talk to your food!
  2. Express your gratitude towards the food!!
  3. Tell every meal about your desires and with every bite attract your goals!!!

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Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life




Good 👍👍

Preeti Mishra July 30, 2021

I too l try dis..😉

Ms. Surbhi Jain July 29, 2021

This is too good..keep it up

Priyanka jain July 29, 2021

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