A Visitor on Planet Earth

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I was on the terrace having that rare Omg-life-is-so-beautiful moment! Subsequently, as I got up to leave, a thought came to mind, “I’m just a visitor on this planet.’’ Immediately, I felt as light as a feather.

Dear readers, You may have to reasonably zoom out of your daily life to feel what is written. The temporary-ness of our experience on earth needs to be considered.

First, visualize how vast space is in comparison to small planet earth. Then, I as a human being just appeared on a planet and I get to roam around here. I get an intricately functioning body that fulfils my whims and fancies by taking me here and there.

If the body is hungry, the food it needs for sustenance is also produced from the earth only. The soil does all that magic of making foodstuff. Whatever we eat, it all directly or indirectly comes from the earth. I may put together ingredients but I haven't given life to that food, the earth has. Everything from the outer world, is an additional favor to me.

So, even my 'possessions' weren't mine when I came here. They are extra things I got on my journey here. The gadgets, cars and houses just help during my stay here. 'My clothes' were also just collected for my journey on planet earth. The substance that makes the clothes and things are also produced by earth only, right?

Assuming that we have a sort of free ticket to come here on earth and have an experience and then vanish from earth one day, makes it seem like a temporary and fleeting journey, right?

Assuming we are just temporary residents here on earth, that means others are also temporary residents here. So, would that help us to see them for what they are, just visitors, who come and go, who are on their travel? They can choose to stay with us or leave. We can't impose our values onto others, nor can we let others do that to us. Each of us stands uniquely on our unique journey.

Some relationships will be day-long, some minute long, some years long, and that is okay. Essentially, if we are temporarily here then relationships are also temporary. Could we cherish them while they are here?

When we are a traveler in a location, we just explore it, we don't try to own the place. When we are temporary travelers on earth why are we making everything here permanent? This isn't written in any nihilistic sense, it is trying to convey a perspective that can bring a positive change in how we relate to life.

The next 2 blogs explore different facets of being a traveler on earth which will be very interesting to know. Have a good journey, fellow travelers! Oh, and zoom back into your life now!

Author: Devanshi Gala | Publisher: Kosha Life



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