How is it like to have an ambitious father???

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Hi everybody, I am Hritvi Rajpal, the youngest member of the kosha blog team. And when I say young, I speak of 12-year-old kiddo figuring out ways to utilize her time. A few days ago, I found out that kosha has no tween followers, and then it clicked with me to start blogging. So here I am writing my blogs which will be most relatable and fun for tweens like me who are homebound, finding ways to kill their time. 

So, here we start the blog by talking about my unique father. When I say ‘unique’ I literally mean it. There would be very few dads who would check your laptop history every week only to make friends with you... My father is one of those. It is obvious for him to check my laptop as he is a cyber security expert. So to protect mine from all the cyber threats out there, he does my laptop audit. He checks my laptop like all the hackers are waiting for me to fall into their trap which my father would not let happen. He can find all my passwords without me telling him. How cool is that? 

Anyways, if I have to choose one word to describe my father, it is perfection. He is very passionate about his work. Leadership runs in his veins. It is very uncanny of him if he is not in an office meeting on weekends. For other employees, a weekend is for relaxing, watching web series and movies, however for my dad, a weekend is a day for doing something besides his work like reading self-development books, watching a documentary, studying, and maybe practicing a course on Udemy. 

He has unique ways of parenting me. He gives me an errand number of tasks and challenges. He literally asked me to rip and destroy my French brochure, only to experience the sense of detachment from my craft. Luckily, I had submitted it before he asked me to rip it. Ask me if I did that? No, but my father did the honors. He wanted me to understand that life is not a cakewalk and winning and losing are just a part of it. That was the most difficult challenge which I got. I skipped my French class the day I had to present the brochure. 

 One more thing which might interest you, I have to earn everything I want, like seriously? No problem, I will tell you with a few examples. At the end of November, my father had read in a book that all the legends and successful people used to wake up at 4:30 AM, and guess what, he woke me up at 4:30 the later morning. I was scared shit, but he challenged me to wake up at this odd hour to earn a Mac Pro. 

Make a Guess if I could win this challenge. Ugghh!! I lost it, man.  

Now, do you agree that my father is unique? Ok!! At the start of my 7th class, I got a new task, an easy one though. I had to read 50 books in a year along with a blog about the book, just a summary. But there was a twist. If I complete 15 books in July I will get a new PS5. JUST IMAGINE!!! 

Currently, I am on the 26th book that brings me pride. But my PS5 is still awaited. This last one is like the king of all the tasks. This Raksha Bandhan while I was having a good family time. My dad just said, "It's time I should buy a new iPhone." I felt this was my only chance to grab the old one, BUT he said he would sell it off. Not just this but, if I wished to have a phone of my own, I should consider making money of my own. GUYS!!! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS? And rest is all history. So am I doing something to make money??? 


 And I would wait for my father to come up with another challenge

AND DAD!!!! I LOVE YOU A LOT..Please do not mind this. :) 

Author: Hritvi Rajpal | Publisher: Kosha Life




Continue to take the 4.00am challenge!

bhartibenhira September 24, 2021

Your father is the best one. Trust me you would thank him for the life lessons one day !

Keep shining Golu 😘

Sanjana Kamra September 14, 2021

Dear Hritvi

You have an inate

ankur September 12, 2021

Very interesting and entertaining! Your father sounds like a great parent . Hope you reach the 50books mark!!

Devanshi September 09, 2021

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