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I mean not a college or school drop out on literal terms rather i meant are you also a HABIT DROP OUT?? Well, just like me.

I lack consistency, devotion in the true sense. I lack loyalty towards myself and to the commitments that I make, so as I had described in my previous blog regarding our star lady whose life journey is a true inspiration for kids like us who tend to be a DROPOUT!

Simple thing here is that; 

We tend to break more and mend less!!

As I said it is not true only our relationship commitments, we commit to too many things whether it is health or work or gym or morning walk sometimes it is as small as reading to bed or sleeping without a phone or getting up early in the morning or to reduce our alcohol intake or trying to go vegan but just give up so easily on anything and everything so easily these days.

Look at ‘Dimple’ she still has been cherishing the memories of her love till date and has remained his forever hoping to meet him soon some day and counting it as just a matter of time, I do have such deep respect for her but in true sense I am her huge fan indeed, I have learnt one of the highest lessons of life from her staying true and loyal to one single choice and staying put for the rest of our lives. I don't mean to say that you may stay back at toxic places in life, please do not interpret this in the wrong way my lovely readers.

But in true sense i wanted to share this today because i really feel that being committed to anything whether it is a job at an MNC, a good habit, a morning walk, a neighborhood, a childhood school friend, a gym workout, a dance class, a family dinner, a cousin’s wedding or your pet, even your partner is very easy but what is tough is to carry it forward and be totally devoted, i do understand!

Still I do wish to say this, please don't leave or abandon someone or something because of small irrelevant issues or tiny problems that can be really resolved or even ignored, for things that do not matter more than the commitment!

I know this blog is going to leave you wondering a lot, but that’s what KOSHA BLOGS are  all about, I would leave you with your thoughts here. Don't worry, I am very loyal to my writing club and will be right back with my next blog.

Write to me please if you feel the same about today’s blog, i would love to know your thoughts about it.

Author: Mitali Jain I Publisher: Kosha Life 


True commitment comes first to the self by being truly present with your self and honoring what you need to experience self love, once this is practiced then everything else will fall into place.

bhartibenhira September 24, 2021

Nice insight to the topic in very creative way ! Good work ! Keep it up !
Yes, I am also Habit Dropout !

Ashish Gaigole September 14, 2021


Ms. Surbhi Jain September 14, 2021

This is good, choice of toipc is nice.

Sukanya jain September 12, 2021

Nice Blog, learn two things from it:
1) Being Committed
2) Try to solve/ avoid such thing which had a tendency to break it.

Anmol Gupta September 12, 2021

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