How To Come Out Of Old Conditioning and Celebrate Life (2 mins)

Dearest readers,

Today I will tell you a story about a girl. There were so many moving parts to her, a part that wanted peace, a part that wanted motivation to work on goals and achieve stuff, a part that wanted love, and yet there was a part that just desired to be left alone.

She worked very hard to accommodate each of these parts and create a unison. She achieved everything but one- she could never open her heart to “love”.
Everywhere around her, there were people, places that benefitted from her weakness. The less she loved herself the more the system benefitted from her, trying to sell her all kinds of products that could make her more “beautiful”. They would sell her all the wrong ideas of what real authenticity looked like.

The system made her completely fancy from the outside but left her with a conflicted and confused sense of her inner reality. She was never comfortable with herself. It was always some or the other problem, whether it was her hair that was frizzy or some breakouts on her face or the clothes were outdated, or the grades were just not good enough. As a result of all this social conditioning about being proper she somehow never learned how to love herself or anyone else. She never learned how to accept someone’s love either and ended up with a lonely life.

Does this sound familiar to you?
In today’s age loving yourself is a rebellious act because then you become authentic, you no longer agree with the soul suffocating system, because then your individuality will create a spark in the spirit of masses, and “they” don’t want that.

You’re beginning to understand, aren’t you?

The whole damn world is inside you: in your outlooks and your heart space. To be able to find peace in this chaotic world you need to find peace first within yourself, meaning be unapologetically who you are. To be able to enjoy life, you need to first celebrate yourself, the good the bad, and the ugly parts – all of them. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to change. Uplift yourself, but not by comparing yourself to others. Instead, cultivate self-awareness – it will give you a fresh new look towards yourself. And when your patterns start to pull you in your old habits of self-doubts, criticism, complaining, and comparing, you need to learn to value those emotions also. You need to be accepting of them to permanently bid them farewell. When you release many layers, you will undoubtedly arrive at a new version of yourself. And maybe someday you will accept that love that knocked on your door so many times in the past.

Author: Kritika Pugalia | Publisher: Kosha Life



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