DIMPLE: I just can’t get enough of you!!

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Dear Readers, If you are wondering why am i talking about a movie character today well let me tell you guys she is a real person in fact she is more than a personality to me and will be to all of you as well as soon as you are finished reading this little piece of my blog.

It is true we all watched a movie recently on the Indian Independence Day, 15th August, 2021, about a KARGIL WAR HERO, the great Captain Vikram Batra, which gallantly showed our Indian Army and its bravery thundering our hearts full of patriotism and the urge to do something for our country striving to be a better citizen everyday. So I guess none of us can lie about having watched the movie “SHERSHAAH” and also soaked up into tears about the ending. Well war has taken away our soldiers but for their families the war took away everything indeed took away a piece of their souls.

We loved Vikram but still can’t get over the character of Dimple Cheema, after watching the movie I had googled about it and found out the story depicted is not just made up and a series of Bollywood romance but actually has been confirmed by the real life Dimple in person. I did a lot of research on her because I was clearly obsessed with the one greatest value she taught us through the journey of her life, and the single virtue that we millennial kids lack a lot!!!!

YES, I am talking about:




I want to talk about it because Kosha Life has taught me so much but the greatest gift from this platform that has taught me is Love and with great Love comes great Loyalty!

Loyalty not only in terms of relationships and our dating lives, but do you guys think that during the war times soldiers and their partners/girlfriends/fiancé and their wives used to live the longest distance possible along side the fear of not being able to see each other again and still had the virtue to stick together through thick and thin, they had their ups and downs, they used to fight too but they never chose to infidel!

And we break up on the single notes of not getting a text back in time, we give excuses of not being given importance or of being ignored by our partners instead of choosing to understand that they might actually be busy with something important like work/career/health/family and a lot more.

We will discuss about how our generation is lacking behind in being a truly loyal and becoming infidelities towards not only their partners/girlfriends/boyfriends/fiancé/husbands/wives but also to their families, parents, jobs, health, communities, society and the environment as well.

Author: Mitali Jain| Publisher: Kosha Life




Remember to respect the process each person is on. Loyalty and true Love and that includes the depth of understanding of what Love is, grows as we become. Become what some may ask, From Body Conscious to Soul Consciousness. Om Shanti

bhartibenhira September 24, 2021

Nicely written

Sukanya jain September 11, 2021

Truly amazing

Parul Pandey September 11, 2021

I could feel your thoughts. Great work. Will wait for your next post

Payal Sharma September 11, 2021


Ms. Surbhi Jain September 11, 2021

Inspiring blog.

Mohit Jain September 11, 2021

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