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I am damn sure that you love your parents, your brother or sister or cousins, your friends, BFFs, childhood besties, your school teacher, your first crush and even your 17th crush. Some of you must be even a highergrade human with an elephant sized heart because of which you might love nature, plants, flowers even animals.

But, my dear reader, the real question is:


This question had arisen during one of my AYURVEDA lessons with my mentor “SHRI SHRI SHRI 1008 CHARU MAM” who else guys!!

When she caught me struggling with my panic and anxiety issues we came to a conclusion that this was due to my lack of self acceptance. Have you had such troubles and are you even addressing these issues on a timely basis?

Here are the ways by which you can do find out:

1.Are you avoiding mirrors/do you dislike looking at yourself in the mirror?

2.Do you judge your own selfies?

3.Do you abstain from speaking your heart out in a conversation because you're afraid you do not have similar thoughts?

4.Do you stay back at places where you're extremely ignored, yet you do not have the confidence to walk away from toxic people?

5. Do you just agree with other people because of FOMO(fear of missing out)? If you see any such symptoms in yourself then it might be due to the following reasons:

1. Too much of people pleasing

2. Less habit of self prioritization

3. Lack of self acceptance

4. Extreme amount of self validation

5. Self abandonment

The lady bird of my life, CHARU, came when the bridge of my life was falling down……!! She uplifted me with following simple solutions to such deep problems in life which are first of all very easy and most importantly technically inexpensive, you don't need to shift to costly organic food or pills or take therapies all you need to do is:

1. Start addressing your emotions.

2. Sit with yourself and observe the thoughts moving around in your head.

3. Make a list of reasons why you dislike yourself

4. Try to realize what went wrong

5. Once you have found the root cause,


RE-WIRING: You need to stand for yourself, you already have so many problems, struggles and villains in your life who are taking the full responsibility of making it really difficult to survive in this modern global contemporary and really tough world! Isn't it, so why don't we as individuals do a teeny tiny favor on ourselves:

1. Give priority to you, you and only you and then again you!!

2. Believe that you are gorgeous!

3. Love yourself the most tttttttt, only after that you're allowed to love others. ASK YOURSELF EVERY DAY:


Author: Mitali Jain| Publisher: Kosha Life





Mini jain September 24, 2021

This Blog had changed my way of thinking, previously I was thinking that why should I be a part of some group or event in which there is less or no importance of mine. But after reading this Blog, before quiting that group or event let first try of our own importance in such.

Anmol Gupta September 12, 2021

despite being charu ma’am’s daughter , i do not give my mother the amount of respect u do 🤣. anyways the blog was amazing …

hritvi September 04, 2021

This article is like self realisation. Even I think I don’t love myself enough or may be this is everybody’s story. We all somewhere down the line expect way too much from ourselves and when we ourself cannot fulfil our expectations we tend to hate ourself a little more. The hatred keeps growing every time we fall. Not eating well, not sleeping properly, not going, not going buy new clothes; all these things fall into self love and not doing them means not loving enough.

Smriti mishra September 04, 2021

I too luv myself…😊😊😍

Ms. Surbhi Jain September 04, 2021

Yes, it’s true. People who love themselves , only can love others.
Very nice 👌

Rajni jain September 04, 2021

Excellent one…

Sudhir Kumar Jain September 04, 2021

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