Education on Health can change what is "Normal"

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Imagine if you grew up in a town where people drank Alcohol in place of water, where taps would dispense Alcohol, where stores sold only bottled Alcohol, where guests were served a glass of Alcohol (not water or chai etc). You never even question it. You got used to the health and mind altercations caused by excess consumption of it.

On moving to the neighbouring town you find that they drink a liquid called 'water' in place of Alcohol. Adjusting to water takes time but enhances your life fully. You are astounded at how others are still unaware of the existence of water and are carrying multiple health problems around as though it’s part of their life. You realise that what was easily available and visible throughout your old town was not necessarily the best thing so you change towns.

Changing towns in the story signifies changing your conditioning of accepting excess junk.

Moral: A mind-body that is cultured to assume and consume the wrong things must be educated and re-cultured to seek the right things.

Can we pause and realise that harmful foods and drinks are easily made available, advertised and regularly consumed by a large scale of population, as though it’s second nature for humans to have chips, soda and junk food. If you stroll around in town, you'll find what products are sold and bought most.

The mind and the hungry senses of the body will naturally choose what they see and get easily; but an intelligent person must pause, question, study and then consume products. If not then we can be enslaved by the harmful products and their effects.

Someone told me, “Health is our natural birthright & being fully healthy is natural!!

In fact, being unhealthy is not natural.’ Today young adults complaining of unexplained body pain, excessive negative emotions, insomnia, constant lethargy, rounded backs, heaviness, obesity, boredom is "not normal." Being widespread doesn't make it normal. Our ignorance will make us accept these unhealthy states but our intelligence can come in to save us!

Seeing people do advanced yogasanas, climb mountains, run 10 kilometres, sleep well, stay calm, happy & be energetic etc seems miraculous. It's not miraculous, it is normal and is everyone's birthright. This is possible when we eat, drink, see, hear & listen to the most beneficial things!

Positively, many people are waking up and speaking up about healthy food, bringing life in sync with nature, Yoga and wellness.

It will take a lot of EDUCATION to turn habits around for yourself and society, but it's doable. It starts with us.

If anyone stops you from changing, just observe to see how healthy they themselves are? Opposing wrong conditioning is a daily endeavour but a worthy endeavour, not just for you or me but for the future generation too! Do question this unhealthy ‘normal’, hear experts, observe healthy people, emulate them, fight against your old conditioning and experiment to see for yourself.

I wish you a truly healthy life!

Author: Devanshi Gala| Publisher: Kosha Life



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