Embrace the disowned

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These days I usually discuss a lot of philosophical topics with my friends. My Insta handle also shows people talking about magic, love, acceptance, awareness, and so on. More like on any regular day as I was scrolling through the posts when I accidentally stumbled upon this post.

As I started to read the caption, my heart was racing at the speed of 400km/hr. My mind got still for a moment as I was still processing the information. And that very day I decided to start working and embracing my own shadow. It sounds a bit creepy but if you choose to feel happiness in its true meaning, there is no way you can do it without confronting your own shadow.

Since our childhood, our mind is conditioned a certain way and with an urge to attract the attention of our caregivers, we try to fit in the category of a good human being. And in this process, we suppress and disown our feminine selves.
When we consciously choose to admit these tricky, elusive unconscious behaviour patterns. This conscious and continuous practice is called shadow work.

These shadows start to shape under various circumstances. Many of which can be:-

1) CONDITIONING : when we are too told to behave as per the right and wrongs of the society.
2) An environment created by our circumstances which makes us choose some specific traits and reject others.
3) Shame and Humiliation (implicit and explicit).
4) Any form of Abuse (fear, guilt, bullying) etc.

Many times, we operate out of our shadow in our day to day life. A few ways we can identify them could be:
● Being harshly judgemental towards others especially when the judgement arises out of impulse. (how can she wear so much makeup, look at the way he speaks) etc.
● Being short tempered with people in subordinate positions or with the people in power.
● Playing victim card all the time
● Taking others for granted and having too many expectations
● Holding strong biased opinions against certain things
● Spiritual bypassing
● Deep guilt or shame
● Sudden outburst of anger
● Denials and projections

Identifying your shadow takes a conscious choice to observe and accept your unconscious, uncontrollable behaviours. These emotions can come from a place of lack, insufficiency, jealousy, sense of unworthiness and so on. Once we start to observe these patterns, we can acknowledge them and start to work on them.

A few ways to work on your shadow are:-
● Shadow work meditations
● Working with the help of a master or facilitator
● Journaling your day
● Indulging into creative acts such as dancing, singing, painting and so on
● Prioritizing some time with yourself.
● Practicing self forgiveness.
● Spending good time in nature.
See!! We must understand that the closer we go to light, the larger our shadow becomes therefore it really is important to work on these underlying repressed emotions. For example, while walking on the path of spirituality, we attract and manifest a lot of good fortune in our life but later we start to brag about our achievements and demean others. Working on our shadow can help us handle such situations.

● Deep sense of self acceptance
● More confidence to be your authentic self
● Courage to face your fears
● Attracting better relationships
● Helps to heal you both physically and emotionally
● Promotes and brings your feminine and masculine to balance
● Expression of happiness and fulfilment

Also, we must know that in this universe nothing can separate dark and light. We are all made this way so your shadow won't vanish but once we are aware of it, accept it completely and work on it. That’s when the real magic begins.
Today I wish you a lot more power to be able to work on your shadow..It is neither good nor bad..It is our own..So, I want you to own this fragmented self. I believe in you...I hope you do..

Love and light

Author: Charu Rajpal | Publisher: Kosha Life



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