Equity Or Equality: What’s Fairer?

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Hello, beautiful gems! You all must have heard of the terms ‘Equity’ and ‘Equality’ in conversations, discussions, and articles revolving around justice, fairness, and human rights. Although these terms seem similar they are not interchangeable, let’s find out how are they different and what our world needs more at this point of time. 

In a social context, equality is a state in which all individuals of a specific society have equal rights, liberty, and status. Equality means that every individual has the same opportunities and receives the same treatment. But are we all on the same plane? Is there equal distribution of resources and opportunities? 

Well, I think it is an exemplary model of society that we are yet to achieve, because there are evident inequalities globally in gender, economic status, race and so much more! The equality approach stems from the assumption that everyone in society has equal opportunities and resources. Which is NOT true!

Equity on the other hand acknowledges the existing inequalities in the society, it encourages fairness by taking the situations of various vulnerable people into account. In other words, equity means giving more to those who need it more. 

Isn’t providing appropriate resources, support, and opportunities based on a person’s needs more reasonable, than giving an equal share of resources to all regardless of the need? 

It is not possible to attain overall equality, without equity. Inequality will persist if each person receives an equal share of resources despite what they already have, or don’t have. For instance, if we distribute subsidized products to everyone in the society it’ll widen the income inequality as the marginalized people will be pushed further away from social development, as they are not getting enough support and the affluent ones will become more powerful. 

Therefore, to ensure Equality we need Equity! The resources, support, and opportunities should be distributed equitably in order to set foot on Equality.

All humans are created equal, we all are made of the same elements and are endowed by our creator with certain non-negotiable rights like happiness and freedom! It is sad how some of us were denied those inherent rights given by our creator, and some of us still are! But now, we can sincerely make it up to them by practicing equity!

An equal society will be much creative, productive, confident, and cohesive. There’ll be healthier and happier individuals, no poverty, and lesser crimes. It’ll make individuals more patient and restrained, less fearful, and more satisfied with their lives! Aren’t these reasons enough for all of us to strive for an equal society? 

And if you are someone who has misread Darwin’s philosophy of “survival of the fittest”(in a societal aspect), then my friend I want to remind you that we are not bloodthirsty animals in a forest. We are humans living in civil society and apparently the most sympathetic beings! To be clearer, Darwin also said that “Communities which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best, and rear the greatest number of offsprings.” 

So let us work together to create a peace-loving equal society where everyone gets equal opportunity to make the most out of their lives!

Author: Annapoorna Nair | Publisher: Kosha Life



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Hey Annapoorna,
Just read your article and I agree with the points you mentioned, we indeed need equity because often we forget the plight of the poor whose needs are definitely more than we, middle class people and thus, we need to acknowledge their condition and give them according to what they need. Looking forward to read more of your articles!
Keep up the good work!
Best Wishes
Ria Joseph

Ria Joseph July 20, 2021

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