FGOALS - The best Food goals Decoded! (Fibre Series Blog 3)

I am a bit furious today... You want to know why? 

Lack of clarity about what should I write, is something that bothers me the most. There is so much that I would want to share, but at the same time I am confused where to start it from. There are some days when you feel elated for no particular reason, and then on some other days you are all grumpy and gloomy. Give me a thumbs up if you resonate with me.

What do you think is responsible for such behaviour?? See you don't have to dig into science for an answer! Figure out your own reason.

For me, it was too hectic of a week as my phone crashed (yes, you can feel sorry for that). My daughter is all set to wreck my nerves with her final examination pressure and not to forget the lead actor of this story, “MY HUSBAND”…

His new-found love for avocados has gotten me to a conclusion that I must invest in avocado farming now (sarcasm)!! My sincere apology to all the guacamole lovers BUT…have you even heard a word called LIMIT??…and for god’s sake there is a world beyond this gooey, nutty, rich flavoured fruit!! 

My heart aches when I cut it open only to find it in rotten up condition (Ah! These avocados!!)

I can clearly see my 100 bucks going into the bin. And dare not ask me, “What should I eat now?” Like Seriously!!

You want to ask me what to eat other than a mushy avocado… Diversity of plants, diversity of plants, diversity of plants…PERIOD!

Like for a fit and healthy body you can’t just be dependent on a single spot exercise, similarly for a healthy gut it becomes essential to include various plant foods in diet. I love to call them-


F- Fermented and Fruits

G- Greens and Grains

O- Omega 3 Super Seeds

A- Aromatics (onion, garlic)

L- Legumes

S- Sulforaphanes (broccoli, cabbage and calciferous vegetables)

FERMENTED FOOD AND FRUITS: If I really have to mention a secret elixir to health, it must be nothing but fermented foods. Fermentation is one of the rare examples of food processing that actually makes our food even more healthy. It is much like creating a microbe friendly environment outside your gut. 

Fermented foods can play a huge role in controlling hypertension, cholesterol and promoting weight loss. 

Studies have shown that fruits, if consumed whole along with the peel, is the gateway to a good skin and hair health, cardiovascular health and sustainable weight management. 

GREENS AND GRAINS: Green vegetables are nutrient dense food- rich in essential minerals, fibre, and a lot more. Looking out holistic health solutions? Go for it!


Whole grains are an excellent and instant source of fibre and healthy carbohydrates. They are the foundation of building a healthy gut. 

There are many merits of whole grains like combating cardiovascular disease, fighting off the cancerous cells in our body, and regulating insulin levels.

OMEGA 3 SUPER SEEDS: These petite-sized super pods are the vital components that help to minimise inflammation, which in turn provides us with a healthy body. 

Our cognitive health, hormonal health, skin and hair health, and vitamin D absorption critically depends on the amount of healthy fatty acids in our body. 

Therefore, a diet deprived of healthy fats can lead to compromised brain function.

AROMATICS: ADD ME SOME EXTRA GARLIC!! Oh, Ya! I hear you because even I have a strong fondness for its flavour. 

Basil, mint, onion, thyme, rosemary, and the list goes on…they add a lot of magic to our meal but is it just this?? 

Trust me, they are even more powerful medicines which help us combat common flu, acid reflux, headaches and much more.

LEGUMES: One of the excellent source of plant protein, these seedlings are abundant in essential amino acids, fibre, and other micro nutrients. 

Whole legumes when combined with whole grains, make a complete nutrient dense meal. 

Word of Wisdom: Eat your kitchari please!!

SULFORAPHANES: We all know broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, but what makes them so special? Micro-greens and mushrooms are a part of this family too. These veggies upon breaking up in our stomach release special kind of enzymes which effectively support cancer prevention, squash inflammation, burn fat and promote hormonal health.

But, as we come to a closure for today, we already have the list of foundational healthy foods, so now it’s time to shift our eating. It is just about being a bit more mindful of our food choices, and we can easily combat diseases by maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. In the next blog I will come up with some interesting, easy, plant based recipes for you all.

Till then stay safe and eat healthy.

Love and light!

Author: Charu Rajpal | Editor: Taahira Kisna | Publisher: Kosha Life


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