The Worst and best day of my life (2 Min read)

You must be wondering how a day could be worst and best together. Don't stress yourself, let me take you into that stormy journey
It was 1 pm. I was staring at mom; “I didn't want her to turn around and see me”. But she turned and looked at me. I can't tell you the emotions floating in her eyes.
She was gazing at me like would never see me again. I wanted to cry aloud and hug her tightly but couldn't because didn’t want to let my tears and emotions weaken my mom and family. I went close to her, smiled with wide-open eyes, and said...don’t worry, everything will be fine.
Trust me, I had to muster my all courage to give that damn smile.

Then she went into the operation ward and the surgical light has been turned on.

Those two hours were the worst hours of my life. Like each second was taking decades to pass, I can't even express the thoughts blasting my mind like each second was bringing even stronger negative thoughts. The very first time I experienced that how difficult it is to control pessimism.

सच में, शब्दों का इस्तेमाल करना सब जानते हैं ,पर उनका अर्थ सिर्फ वही जान सकता है जो उन शब्दों के अर्थों से गुजरता है...

(Literally, everyone knows how to use words, but their meaning can be known only by those who go through the meaning of those words.)
I had heard the word “operation” many times before but this time I got to know its true meaning as I was going through that hell-like situation.
Despite this negativity, I was sure for one thing in the depth of my soul that everything will be fine because I knew that if I can be strong, she is my mom, way stronger than me.
Don’t worry, my mom is very well now.

Now Let me tell you how it was my best day despite being the worst day of my life
This incident has not only given me mom (my everything) back but also has taught me many lessons which changed my perspective towards life completely.

Life is everything-
This incident and the pandemic the world is facing right now have revealed to me that the most precious thing in life is life itself.
Nothing is more important than being alive when the world is dealing with horror, people are dying, families are breaking apart.
Instead of complaining about silly things, start feeling grateful because the current situation which you may be complaining about is many people’s dream right now.
Remember everything ceases when life ceases.

Everything is now-
We literally can’t predict the next moment leave aside the future.
So why these sufferings??
Savor each moment of life, do not postpone happiness because you never know which second is going to be your last.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and don’t forget to express gratitude for being alive, just do it no.

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Author: Mamta Dehariya | Publisher: Kosha Life




आपके और मां के साथ साथ दुनिया में कोई और भी है जो खुश हुआ है।

Amar Singh Chaudhari September 12, 2021

Lovely ❤️

Deepali May 12, 2021

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