We live in a culture that is based on ignorance. The whole culture is based on nescience. And as long as we remain in nescience, we must be in anxiety.
We may say, "But, isn't it said that ignorance is bliss?" That is true for the people who are completely into ignorance - yes for them, ignorance is bliss.

People who think shopping at Walmart is the perfection of their life - yes for them, ignorance is bliss. "When I go to Walmart, I get really enlivened. If you think shopping at Walmart is bliss, then right, you can have your bliss - Walmart bliss. But an intelligent person is not satisfied with that kind of bliss.

Very often we hear questions like, “What is the actual means of happiness? What is the actual state?”

Our mind is capable of producing joy, anxiety, fear, love, bliss, ecstasy. It is producing simply because we don’t know how to handle it.
The most surprising fact is that all human experiences come from within. When we say love, bliss, joy, anxiety, or fear… all experience comes from within ourselves.

Don’t you think what happens within ourselves must happen the way we want it?
An intelligent person actually analyses, "Why am suffering". He is in a better position than the person who thinks he is happy. In other words, the person who is in the state of illusory happiness - that is the worst state. That is the lowest state of consciousness you can have.

Someone who realises, "Hey, I'm suffering here. Why am I suffering"- is in a bigger state of consciousness. Even though he is tortured by his anxieties, he is seeking a way out of them. So his position is better. He realizes this material world is a suffering position and is looking for the answers.

That person who thinks he is happy... Of course, his happiness is fully dependent on all these material conditions.
This world is so much bigger than your brain. Stop living inside your head.

Here are some ways which can be used to deal in the constant state of “worrying”:

1. Discover a positive self-concept. The way we speak to our mind plays a bigger role in creating our reality.
2. Understand that worrying/ anxiety is not your fault. Once we understand that there is a difference between “me and my mind”, life gets easier. Because now we don’t identify ourselves with thoughts.
3. Understand your subconscious power.
4. Start to pen down your thoughts. This is the best practice to shed the heavy burdens we carry on our minds.

“WORRY”. Just the tiny 5 letter word is enough to limit our lives. When I have this feeling of vulnerability, I read the holy book- Bhagavad Gita, and what I learned is: fear is an obvious, natural instinct; we would not be human without it. The Bhagavad Gita, however, does not erase fear. It rather reduces it to a mere sensation not worthy of attention. It is imperative, Lord Krishna instructs Arjun, that you brush aside all fears and act towards fulfilling your duty as a warrior prince.

Here’s a book which personally uplifted me in life and I hope you open yourself to this book, Bhagavad Gita, to experience its remarkable beauty

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Remember, we are here to experience life … not to constantly questioning it!

Author: Avi Sharma | Publisher: Kosha Life




Wow…. I am really flabbergasted by reading your blog. It has surely given me new way to see the anxiety from the new light. While before i was scared of it and wasted whole day overthinking about it but now i surely will give it much less time and energy as its just a mere sensation which doesn’t require that much attention….. Thankyou once again.

Venu September 03, 2021


Devanshi April 12, 2021

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