How deeply have you experienced Beauty

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HOW DEEPLY HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED BEAUTY? Every time we face beautiful things specifically the beauty of nature, the nectar of peace and love that we feel can be directly proportional to how clean and silent we are inside. A group of people see the same beauty but each is swept away at a different intensity. One day, I experienced the most intensely beautiful feeling, and it’s only because of what I did the days leading up to that bright day.

I went to a mountain range, with a group of known and unknown people. The trip was full of challenges. I had barely slept and awoke early to find that others are late, one person was loud and boastful, another person resented her, the car was cramped, one person was my silent mortal-enemy, the music was harsh, some were smoking at the foothill. While climbing, two people were sick who needed constant breaks, another vomited while climbing. Halfway up, 2 of us rested with the 2 sick people who, by now, were exhausted. Others didn't appreciate this and they climbed on. The tension was palpable.

Not reaching the top didn't bother me this time. I was feeling full. Even if the trek ended here for me or life ended now, I was still satisfied. Throughout the trip, I just couldn't get upset. The sight of the mountains, made my heart swelled with awe. Being surrounded by the giant greens I felt enveloped with love and the wind reminded me how great it feels to be alive. I felt humble. I was overflowing with gratitude amid the seemingly chaotic trip. When the sick travellers gained strength we reached the top. The breathtaking landscape instilled more quietude and joy. I noticed that no one was feeling the same so I searched and found this reason:

In Yog Philosophy there are 3 states of mind and body, Tamas (inert), Rajas (overactive) and Sattva (pure, balanced). Whatever I felt was because the Sattva state was building up inside. Our environment, what we take in from our senses and do with our body creates these states. In the previous week, I practiced the Yogasanas that bring immense peace, I was watching Ramayana with my family which displays unbelievable divine bonds of love, devotion and respect, I read books of great saints, was in nature, listened to Indian and western classical music and lectures by pure yogis, my diet was only home-cooked food. So, unknowingly all my senses were taking in divine and pure information only. These impressions of love, silence and balance were slowly growing inside and in the lap of nature, they just blossomed...

When the inner environment touches purity, the human blooms like a lotus even if they are in a muddy environment. It's not the width of life but the depth of life that makes it beautiful. Luckily, each human has senses and hence an equal opportunity to replenish their human system with beatitude. Dear friends, if we take care of our senses we can glimpse the undiscovered pleasures of being human! Takecare!

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and experience. So very True.

bhartibenhira September 24, 2021

Whoever you are, thank you. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. I too will try to become pure and balanced in every aspect of my life. Please continue enlightening us.

Raji September 08, 2021

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