How did she earn back her super powers?

It is not at all easy to share one’s own story upfront!

Especially when we belong to such a judgemental and not to forget a patriarchal male dominating society.

Yesterday you all met our powerless goddess through her blog, don’t think that I am cheating on all of you by trying to steal her topic, actually let me tell you the whole story from the beginning, then it will be more comprehensible.

I was going to bring an entire series of blogs for you, related to the great women, their achievements alongside their struggles. The original title of this blog was supposed to be:

My Parachute” (and the punch line was even funnier as in), that blew open when I was falling down the cliff. I decided to bring you her hidden story about how amazing she is as a person, how I met her, and fell for her. But now I feel I must start from where she ended, as I have learnt so much from her, it is my duty to take her powerful legacy ahead and spread love and strength in the universe. It is my turn to reveal her magical spells that she spills on people’s life and things start falling in place.

It is just a month that you spend with her not physically around her, in this covid-19 scenario, just virtually on video calls or whatsapp chats and you can feel the Universe is trying to conversate with you, starts sending signals to you, sends you angels to say:


Are you searching proofs?

For Charu’s words?

Don’t you know she just says and things happen?

Don’t you know her teeny-tiny experiments send extremely strong and reciprocating vibrations in the Universe, which come just like a boomerang!

She makes lists of positive thoughts, her guilty pleasures and also her die-hard wishes throws’ it towards the Universe like a ‘Frisbee’ and the Universe in return sends back answers to all her questions, angels when she needs help, love when she needs it and powers when she wants to conquer something.

Well you must be feeling I am very much obsessed with her, honestly I am not, I am just a student of hers who adores her ways of slaying the bad, the negative, the voids that come in her path. She is one of us, she was broken, alone, sad, anxious and what not.

But she did not succumb!

She did 4 important things that are needed for a victory:

  1. Cognizance (Realization):

Friends it is essential to self-evaluate and understand where we are heading in life, if we are heading towards darkness.

  1. Manoeuvre (Movement)

My lovely readers, it is vital to move when you find out that you are at the wrong place, wrong state of mind, you need to take action immediately.

  1. Forage:

You need to be curious enough to read/look/find/ask questions to people/nature/yourself in order to procure food for your mental health.

  1. Surrender:

Once you have found the answers, to what is wrong and how you can correct/solve it, just leave it to the Universe, just like said in Bhagvad Gita “Karma karo, Fall ki chinta chod do”.

  1. Gratitude:

Once you have healed, uplifted, it is your turn to give back something to the society, mother nature and the Universe.

So., when she was healed and uplifted by thousands of messengers sent by the Universe who returned her super powers back!!!

She did not stop there, she did not keep it as a secret with herself locking it down into her vault, rather she decided to pay her tribute to the Universe by helping people like her, like me and you!

What’s on board for you in the coming weeks:

I know the story is still remaining, don’t worry I am not going to leave you wondering alone, will be right back with stories of real-life achievers of women that have done small miracles in my life and until then, a short revealing for you my dear readers….

Learn ‘SERENDIPITY & SELF LOVE’ from life coach, Charu Rajpal

Learn ‘COURAGE, HARDWORK & PATRIOTISM’ from Gym trainer; Pranjal Solanki

Learn ‘HUMANITY, LOVE & TIME MANAGEMENT’ from Yoga practitioner, Durgesh Thakare

Learn ‘LOYALTY & PERSISTENCE’ from Manager-Legal Prestige Group of Industries, Vaishali Khopkar.

Stay tuned….

Try those 4 steps, 

Start receiving powers, 

All my lovely Goddesses reading the blog!!!

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life





Amazing writeup, brilliant story build up and proper finishing touch. Thanks for the post ! Well Done ! Keep it up !

Ashish Gaigole September 03, 2021

Amazing thoughts for an amazing person☺️

Parul Pandey September 01, 2021

I am really inspired by ur thought Bua

Samriti August 21, 2021

Thanks a lot … I literally have no words to say , you have written such an amazing blog. Lots of love to you

Charu Rajpal August 21, 2021


Ms. Surbhi Jain August 21, 2021

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