“GRATITUDE!” Wonder what to be thankful for??

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I am not saying that we always take the good things that happen to us, for granted, but don’t you think it holds for most of the things that happen around us. Many people we meet every day in our lives are generous, smiling, helping in nature. Yet we never tend to say thanks!

The entire Universe has been helping us in one of the other ways, secretly and silently conspiring behind making each and every persistent desire of our minds’ to come true. Do we even notice? We are running late for the office and someone holds the lift door for us, but we never thank them.

Our neighbors, guarding our car/ looking after our kids or elders/ keeping our mails/collecting our parcels etc. We are standing in bus someone offers a seat, we are carrying a lot of baggage in both hands and someone offers to help, someone saves us a spot, offers us water on a hot sunny day there are thousands of tiny examples where we are being helped, which we never tend to realize and remain ignorant of those small blessings that Universe brings to us.

This was just regarding the ‘humans’ I haven’t even started about THE MOTHER NATURE yet! The sunlight, plants, fruits, vegetables, rivers, oceans, animals, WATER, OXYGEN!! Aah! Oxygen! The most under-rated precious things in our lives, which has always remained the most neglected one at the same time. Let me narrate an Oxygen story here, to give you more clarity on what I wish to convey, dear readers.

During my LONGEVITY course, I was taught many things, one of them was journaling down GRATITUDE, my mentor Charu mam told me how to frame my sentences but I never really understood the significance of penning it down, I used to Wonder what to be thankful for?? until I actually experienced it with my complete alertness.

But, on 01/May/2021, I wake up in the morning around 7 am by my cousin’s call, she was crying to her father, my uncle was unable to breathe, his oxygen level had dropped to 60. I was grumpy all soaked up in sleep but her crying voice ran down my body and I was in alertness at once, I calmed her down and told her to let me arrange an oxygen cylinder ASAP!

I hanged up and ran to my father he was already on call talking to someone for arrangements. Yes you are right, he was covid positive but had recovered quite well with the home precautions and proper medication, he hadn’t required any hospitalization, but on the 12th day after testing positive, due to infection in the lungs, he was unable to breathe properly.

We tried all kinds of stuff to arise his oxygen, home remedies, and everything because we were unable to find a hospital bed for him! We were unable to find an oxygen cylinder or an oxygen concentrator for him, non-stop calls, numerous amount of pleading and begging and bribing we tried all but nothing worked, we were scared to the verge of losing my uncle that day!

But then one of the God’s angels, one of the universe’s messengers heard us, don’t worry they were not some celestial bodies, just two of my childhood friends, my school classmates, Joshi (Himanshu) and Mradul found out through my Instagram story, that I was unable to arrange an oxygen cylinder for a family member and they brought one to me, with no charges and free home delivery it was as smooth as ‘Santa dropping a bag of gifts down the chimney.

That is when I realized what my mentors’ Charu Mam & Anirudh keep on telling me the whole idea of GRATITUDE, is not about being thankful. It is about being AWAKE, AWARE, and ALERT enough to look, observe and find out in which, how and what ways does the GOD, the UNIVERSE and the MOTHER NATURE comes down to help us, guard us and save us! GRATITUDE is about seeking help and realizing our blessings sent to us by the GOD, the UNIVERSE and the MOTHER NATURE in mysterious ways, by secret angels by silent messengers and being grateful for receiving them.

Start penning it down and you will experience it soon!

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life




You wrote is very well. Thanks for amazing post ! Nice Job ! Keep it up !

Ashish Gaigole September 03, 2021

बहुत अच्छा कार्य

नीता मेहता July 01, 2021


Ms. Surbhi Jain July 01, 2021

Wonderful! Somebody has also said that, gratitude turns what we have into enough🌻

Annapoorna July 01, 2021

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