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‘I am busy’, ‘I have a lot to do’, ‘I don’t have time’, were my usual statements to anyone who suggested a non-productive activity to me. Only recently, I applied a method to draw a line between healthy busy and unhealthy busy. Here’s what I learnt!

First, I asked myself, why am I so busy? I found that I love my subject of studies and work so it was natural for me to be involved in it. But I also uncovered, I was carrying this dissatisfaction that I don’t have enough knowledge. When I look back I realise I’ve actually learnt a lot but yet this dissatisfied train of desire inside me hungrily propels me forward. It’s unconscious now to a point where the train’s journey through the unending tunnel never ends, it gets deeper and deeper and so the hours put in get longer and longer. If the body didn’t need sleep or food, I would have skipped that too. Yet this very body gave me signs of unease and stress. That’s when I knew I had crossed the line.

I wouldn’t understand why and how people could just relax and ‘chill’ in the day. Then I figured the problem was with me and not them!! My Father, my teacher as well as Kosha’s leader Anirudh both unknowingly made me realise that it’s vital to take time off from work/study (especially if the body is demanding it)

First, I had to recall and make a list of what all I would like to do in my free time. It included, small activities I kept for “I’ll do it when I’m free’, much like the Youtube’s ‘watch later’ playlist! All I had to do was give value and space in my schedule.

Second, I told myself to spread the studies over months and years so I don’t feel overwhelmed with wanting to study everything immediately.

Third, I slowly introduced free time in the schedule. First it would be only on Sunday evenings. Then, on Sunday morning and evening. Then a bit of Saturday would be free. Then it seeped into weekdays in the evening or night. This way I’m taming the unconscious hungry workaholic train.

Finally, I realised that these activities are actually productive since they added much calmness, energy and balance.

I won’t call being busy on something meaningful as a bad thing, it becomes bad only when the business affects my mood, my health, energy, relationships. Because these other factors rightfully contribute to the over-all wellbeing too.

So, for myself, I’ll be re-defining productivity. I’m adding the study-work part along with free time or ‘chill’ part. This together should help me be a normal human.

Author: Devanshi Gala | Publisher: Kosha Life



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