CHAIN-BREAKERS - The Power, Presence & Prestige (2MIN Read)

Are you a chain-breaker? I believe this generation is going to see many original people, who I call chain breakers, which we all are in small or big ways! They are the people who dare to think and dare to do something different from the current and usual way of life.

The society around us and especially our family has a deep imprint on how we think and act. We unconsciously pick up so many hints right from toddlerhood until even today! These impressions act out as loops of recurring behaviour generation after generation. You do what your parents did, they do what their parents did, and so on.

Chain breakers are those that step out of the chain, they stop the cycle, for the good.

I have a big family of 18 people, out of which 8 sincerely exercise their bodies. Of which only 2 or 3 are regulars! The others? The same as my ancestors – learning skills, earning a livelihood, connecting with people, feeding the body, resting the body. But the catch is that, my ancestors led a super active life, they didn’t exercise separately, but yet they weren’t obese or unfit. My family’s goals are similar to theirs, but our lifestyle in this era has more comfort and can become sedentary, hence, finding ways to exercise the body turns out crucial for our family. So these 8 odd people who exercise, be it Yoga, walking or gymming are the chain breakers!

Don’t underestimate the power of a small step like this. It not only inspires others around us, but it makes people question the truth, aspire for a fuller life, enhance perception and establishes new healthy patterns and norms.

Here is an idea of some chain breaking examples!

Pursuing your calling over the family business

Living a life of spiritual values or questioning your current religious systems

Overcoming generations of poverty

Getting education or continuing learning till the end or simply making reading books a habit

Allowing women to play sports, run businesses and travel independently or even drive a car

Allowing men to cook meals and run a house, or be a nurse

Going for therapy and being open about mental health!

Daring to marry outside the caste and committing to making the marriage work!

Women who chose to cut their hair very short or men who chose to keep them long

Breaking addiction patterns in family and choosing not to abuse substance

So on and so forth.. 

Well, friends I urge you to write in the comment sections if you know any chain breaking moves! Remember, It’s not about being defiant, it’s about being original, trusting your values and making your environment starting from you, a better place. Our lifestyle will shape the lifestyle of the kids in our family and also those around us. We hold immense power to create a tolerant, accepting and friendly world.

It takes courage and persistence to walk a different path, but remember, you are not alone!

Author: Devanshi Gala | Publisher: Kosha Life



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