The so called “9 to 5 routine!” - THE ROUTINE. (2MIN Read)

Wo kehte hai naa 9 to 5 routine is monotonous, boring and blah blah!!

Jhooth kehte hain!

Hi again guys, I am so thrilled about sharing a tiny secret about life that I have just discovered. It’s about lacking self-discipline and the significance of the routine.

We believe, the 9 to 5 routine, the jam-packed office schedule, or work-life or household chores are extremely monotonous.

We as youngsters are breaking our sleep cycles, duping the circadian body clock and following the road less travelled we can still achieve wonders in life.
But….Is it true?

My grandparents wake up early in the morning before sunrise, follow a set pattern of daily chores and have an early dinner before the sunset.
Results: longer, healthier, happier life!

I, on the other hand, struggle stringently following a morning routine itself.

Results: disturbed sleep cycle, inappropriate digestion cycle, mood swings, unwanted stress, PCOD, and in some cases people develop chronic diseases at a very little age like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, and many more.

Don’t you think, it’s high time we give importance to the ‘ROUTINE’ and accept the fact that we all know, what is it costing us?

1. Routine is tough!
2. Following the same pattern is tough!!
3. Living each and every day with the same intensity of discipline is tough!!!

Our founder, Anirudh talks about offering water to the sun and how our life changes miraculously with the process.
I tried but could not do it regularly for more than 3 days in a row.

Reason: Late-night social media!
Results: Sad & depressed!

A small example of how we break THE ROUTINE's so happens effortlessly.

What takes effort is, The ROUTINE!!

What requires discipline is, The ROUTINE!!!

Here are some tested experiments that I have tried and they literally brought fruition to me:

1. 21 days workout became a habit:
Our founder preaches about ‘REGULAR TIMELY MEALS’
Reasons: higher metabolism, healthier immunity, because when we eat each and every meal at the same time of the day, our body sets a biological clock and it prepares itself so that every physical activity can fall into place. I strictly followed the habit of having early dinner just for 21 days.
Results: hunger controlled, stopped the extra snacking!

2. 45 days of regular meditation became inevitable for me:
All credit to my grandfather, he woke me up early every morning, he was being my alarm clock for those 45 days and also my mediation coach.
Results: became an inevitable part of daily routine.

3. 90 days of prayer became effortless:
Dear readers, honestly, I have been a chubby elephant from childhood and have struggled through my overweight all my life, but following the practice of 90 days of workout.
Results: gradually controlling weight.

Try all of the above work, Just be consistent!

Only one keyword: Regularity!

will lead you to crack open THE ROUTINE!!

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life






Sharddha Dheman April 22, 2021

Keep up the good work my dear!

Shobha Jain April 15, 2021

Another excellent write Up beta, I find this one equally useful like earlier one.
Well done n keep on writing such wonderful write-up.
Proud of you beta

ViKas Jain April 14, 2021


Rajni Jain April 14, 2021


Ms. Surbhi Jain April 14, 2021

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