We are humans first, so let's get better at being humans!

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All humans are born free and have equal rights and abilities. Despite the differences in how we look, what we eat, what we celebrate, or what we believe in, we are the same. With time, we start discovering differences, gender, race, physical disabilities, etc. the diversity grows more complex as we grow up, we learn more about ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and so on. Today we are so absorbed in these human-made differences that we forget that we all have the same flesh and blood, we are made of the same elements, and that we all cry clear tears.

Just because someone else does not fit into the idea of our normal, does that give us the power to invalidate what they think, feel or believe in? No! We sometimes struggle in accepting people who are different from us, we forget that they are just as humans as we are. When we focus too much on these human-made differences we fail in understanding how similar our needs are. That despite these "differences" we all want to be loved and feel belonged. 

When we don't accept humans as they are, we try to control and standardize them. People usually try to control other humans because the different ones are usually unpredictable. Also, the idea of control is very appealing to all living beings. And the fear also contributes to such things, like the fear of getting ostracised.

We are human beings, our loving creator has given us a recognizably different brain and mind than our fellow beings. We've evolved over years, from primitive reactionary beings to considerate civilized beings (still struggling in many parts of the world though). We strictly lived on our survival instincts as primitive beings and with time we have developed or should I say are developing tolerance towards others. We've accomplished a lot but still have a long way to go.   

The human mind and soul are designed in such a way that we can look beyond our gratifications and fulfillments. Then why are we still struggling with tolerance towards our fellow beings? We are made for much greater things! To reach our fullest potential of being joyful loving and compassionate beings, we must get past the tolerance stage. Let's continue leveling up ourselves like we always have? After all, if we wouldn't have evolved, we would've ended up like dinosaurs! 

Let's come together and make this place safer for everyone to live out who they are. I hope and pray that we all find the strength to respect and value lives that appear different than our own. And let's not allow anything to get in the path of love, compassion, and empathy. Equality and justice for all, period.  

Author: Annapoorna Nair | Publisher: Kosha Life


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you don’t know this has answered many questions that were hovering in my mind. love what you wrote.

suchitra July 27, 2021

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