Human being is a (rational) emotional being

Hey you!!! Yes, you. Can I help you with something? How will you react if someone spontaneously asks you this?? You will either be shocked or in doubt. You might also suspect the other person for their intentions. But have you ever noticed that we are directly or indirectly dependent on people around us? Yet find ourselves in discomfort asking for help for something.

WHY DO WE DO THIS? WHAT STOPS US FROM SPEAKING OUR HEARTS? Try finding the answers to these questions to have a reality check.

Recently, I was in a workshop when I discovered that we are too scared to speak our hearts out because we live in the constant fear of judgment. We do not want ourselves to be labeled as vulnerable, crybaby, or any such phrase. We are afraid of this, so much so that we feel helpless asking for help. So today, I choose to connect with you all by putting my mind aside, just by heart.

Since the very beginning, I have been a vibrant, happy, and emotional soul. I did not have many friends during my childhood. Not that I never tried to make friends with anyone, but they would call me a fool. Because I would only be looking for a heart-to-heart conversation. It was tough to have a life without friends. BUT now when I look back on my life, I see that my younger self being emotional has won over friendships for a lifetime. Yes, because I chose to remain authentic and raw, I found real gems which have been there all through my thick and thin.

Have you ever wondered why kids attract us so much? Because their energy is pure. But as we grow, we are conditioned in a way this world works. We start to put our brains in every conversation. It feels as if this world is a marathon where we all are only trying to win the race. Ok!! Why don't you ask yourself. Is there a single person who knows you inside out? IF THERE IS EVEN ONE...I WILL CONGRATULATE YOU…..

But chances are pretty less because the reality is that we don't dare to accept our self fully and completely. Yes! Here is the truth bomb…99.99% of the conversations taking place in our life are at most operated on mentally. It might get us some good neighbors, some good business deals, or some new projects...but are these your real people..can you call them your tribe?? What makes it even miserable is that even in families, we see people operating through the mind. STRANGE BUT TRUE

And because of this lack..we choose to live with baggage of unheard and unsaid emotions. We choose to live with a void that echoes all the time. We choose to work robotically but, we never ask for a shoulder to cry on, an ear that can hear us, a heart that knows the real us, a voice that can put us to comfort.

And given these challenging times, it becomes imperative that we must learn to seek help from others...There will be millions to turn down your request...but out of these million, you will find that one soulmate who would stand by you...FOREVER!!!

So today as I conclude this, I wish you to speak your heart out to someone...and feel the heaviness residing in your heart fading away slowly...I believe you can do it...I hope you do!

Love and light


Author: Charu Rajpal | Publisher: Kosha Life



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