I miss the feel of printed paper

“Literally, in science, we had to write the whole book and Hindi was such a lengthy paper,” Said my best friend. She was relieved that the exams were over … “No more writing,” we said together.

 Due to these online classes, we do not write much because we do all our work on google docs like right now. I am writing my blog on google docs. Back in 2018, writing used to be an integral part of our lives. Now it is lost somewhere in the dark. That is what I feel.

 I sometimes wonder what would happen when our school would reopen. we would have to write sooo much. Our school English notebook is fully empty. We do all our work on docs. We are so dependent on these apps like PowerPoint, docs, excel, canva, etc. we have forgotten about our dear paper and pen.

When I am told to do some classwork that requires writing, I get so irritated. I always ask my teacher if I can do the work on docs? And I am not the only one who doesn’t love writing, almost everybody would prefer typing over writing. 

The drawback of e-books is that your parents start to act suspicious of what you are doing. Like the other day at night, I was reading a book on my laptop and my father assumed that I was watching a movie. Moreover, your parents don’t allow you to read e-books because of screen time, and guess what, a hard copy book is much cheaper than an ebook, how cool is that. 

One thing that I miss from school is our beautiful library. Our library has every single book which I am reading on my boring laptop screen. In every free period, I would sit in the library and read books. There were books of all kinds from thriller, suspense, and adventure to biographies, auto-biographies, and many more. Though I am kind of a thriller, adventures are fiction person. 

Research has shown that paper books increase the reader’s communication skills, creativity, and thinking skills as they tend to imagine and create a picture of the scene in their minds while reading the book. Whereas e-books offer an advantage to translate any book of any language and also show you word meaning then and there also e-books are really convenient, but I still like paper books more than an e-book. it is everybody’s own perception and you can’t change it, especially mine.

I just want to say that please don’t replace our dear papers, pens and hardcopy books with computers. Which one do you prefer, e-book or paper book, please tell in the comment section down below and I will see you with another blog. Byeee.

Author:Hritvi Rajpal:Publisher:Kosha life 

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I do miss real books too!

Devanshigala October 31, 2021

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