Is this life worth living?

So I’ve been contemplating life and death, not because I'm bored, but because I want to heal a part of me that once wished “Please God, don’t wake me up tomorrow”. 

It sounds scary, but it’s true. This journey of healing is truly transformational. I have found my faith restoring in those dark moments. So why am I here today?

To share with you all, specially to the ones who are somewhere at the same place struggling, how I came out from that dark pit.

When someone commits/contemplates suicide, they are making a statement something like- life has too much suffering to endure, so this whole experience of life is just not worth it!

If you resonate with this, let me take you along to understand how can you too, like me, see the beauty of life again and never go back to that place of darkness.

I call this method- “SHIFTING” 

  1. Shift your energy from the unkindness you feel towards yourself, to showing kindness to someone else. It will make you feel powerfully uplifted. And as we know, kindness is like a boomerang- it always returns.
  2. Shift your energy from resentment towards life, to feeling mind blowing love and compassion towards yourself. Jot down on a paper about all those times when you felt immensely happy and proud of yourself.
  3. Shift your focus from what life has to offer to what You can offer. Practice GIVING everyday. A little amount of metaphorical bread crumbs to the pigeons in need, might make you feel proud of yourself.

Do you want to make a sense of it all? The complexity of the world and the simplicity of life? The answer lies in understanding.

In my case, remodelling that part of life that made me want to end my life was the solution. Instead of nurturing shame and guilt from my constant failures, I shifted my focus towards things that gave me a sense of positivity like meditation, workouts, reading and self care regimes.

Now as this blog comes to an end, sit down with yourself alone for the next 15mins, have a whole chat with the INNER YOU. What is so bad in your life? Will it always be this way? (Or will it change, just like everything does right?). 

Which activities give you joy and fulfilment? (There’s got to be something no?, it can be as simple as making yourself a warm cup of coffee and snuggling in your quilt with a lovely book).

Give yourself a tight warm hug. You are an eternal soul that’s been around for eons and you have the power to face anything life throws at you. Moreover, you can take those “stones of pain” and build a “joyful home” for yourself.


Here’s a cute little feel-good book for you, something you can read, and nurture yourself with. Something that will make you smile whenever you pick it up- 

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

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Author: Kritika Pugalia

 Editor: Taahira Kisna

 Publisher: Kosha Life


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Wowww!! What an inspiring post. Truly truly amazing. Indeed, life has a lot to give than we actually perceive.

Charu March 31, 2021

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Anirudh Gomber