JOURNAL WRITING! Because DOCUMENTATION bahut zaroori hai!

Your professional life has a great impact on your social and personal life, but won’t it be great if we picked up some really good habits from our professional world to make a personal world a delight. Well, I am a pharmacist. During my graduation and post-grad years, I learnt one important thing and that was documentation. We were taught that the tablet punching time, powder mixing, tablet coating time, etc. each and every second needs to be documented. I thought why not apply this to my daily life.

As humans, our brains have functioned in such a way that we tend to remember the stuff that is less important or least significant and rather forget what needs to be remembered. I believe that is the simplest reason why we misplace our stuff or can’t find our car keys or forget our valuables here and there.

But, what if we start the process of documenting each and every small thing in our lives, actually I didn’t learn it on my own, I inherited it from my Grandfather. He has this habit of jotting down each and every penny he spends in his diary. Not only about money, he pens down the number of times he chants his mantras while praying each day, he keeps a count of his ‘Surya namaskars’ and ‘Abhishek’ he has performed till date.

He has been a big influence on my life and I learnt from him the importance of documentation. He is used to tell me I should write down everything, literally everything. So at the age of 10 I started writing my first journal that was diary writing at night where I used to write down all the things that happened in the entire day. When I read that first diary of mine from the year 2005 I can’t stop laughing at my thoughts. Those diaries have special storage of my childhood memories.

While growing up I learnt to be more organized and decided to make the process of documentation to the next step, I started writing down my emotions in the form of poetry. I started gifting my poetry by addressing my feelings towards them making all my friends and family members happy (EMOTIONAL JOURNALING). Then I started financial writing where I used to pen down my expenditures and savings, which made me realize where to cut down some of my unnecessary expenses and learnt to increase my savings (FINANCIAL JOURNALING).

I started to write my ‘TO-DO-List’ when I was 17 years old because there was a number of things I was supposed to do and I always failed to prioritize the more important things. Growing up I learnt that I started remaining over occupied due to having a hectic job schedule, so prioritizing my work according to deadlines and writing it down helped me to excel, I became pro-active in the company and my manager told me I required the least amount of reminders from her (CAREER JOURNALING).

But soon a time came when I was soaked up in work stress and anxiety issues grabbed me and then my mentor told me to use this habit of writing in healing my spiritual being. She asked me to write letters to my younger self addressing it to a nickname that I cherish and slowly I have started the journey of realizing my stress and anxiety (SPIRITUAL JOURNALING).

Dear Readers,

Start, JOURNAL WRITING, because DOCUMENTATION bahut zaroori hai!
It can help you in different areas and perspectives of your life. It can make you efficient in professional life, bring you prosperity by increasing your savings, help you understand your emotions, be a medium of realizing your stress and help you remember important dates, tasks, schedules.
So, start documenting today! 

Because DOCUMENTATION bahut zaroori hai!

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life




Wow…..great write-up Mitali. Its always essential to documented every moment of your life, priorities, expenses, experience and emotions.

As you said, how lovely is it to actually read at a young age what we used to think as a child?

Keep writing and documented all your memories….Best wishes and Happy Writing Dear.

Rajesh Jain July 10, 2021

Nicely explained.

Sudhir Kumar Jain July 10, 2021

Awsm… Kahan se laati hain itna gyaan???🤔🤗📚

Ms. Surbhi Jain July 10, 2021

It is worth to read this in documentation…as it is helpful in all phases of life. Good one…

Surendra jain July 10, 2021

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