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Journal Therapy also known as Journal Writing or Writing Therapy is a method where we write to increase our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Writing is a form of expression, as the founder of writing therapy James Pennebaker states. Writing is therapeutic because it helps to bring our subconscious memories, thoughts and experiences out to the front, note down confusing thoughts, find solutions, express what we have suppressed or generate new feelings and emotions.

All you need is a pen, paper and an open mind. You can these methods and we will share more techniques in the next blog!


  • Writing letters to oneself or others. 

It clarifies our mental and emotional state and helps us feel better. The letters can be sent or can remain with you or torn after writing. Although best written with a pen, typing an email can help too.


  • If an unsaid conversation just plays in your mind you can write it down as a letter 
  • Express thanks to someone
  • Write to someone who you miss but cannot speak to directly
  • Ask the doubts in your mind to someone
  • Write to yourself about what you appreciate or expect from yourself 
  •  Prompts or sentence stems are short suggestions that help to begin writing in a structured manner. They also help to get in the habit of journaling and introspection.

Example :

I’m proud of myself because ..

I’ve been struggling with ..

I wish to .. 

I’ve been taking ----- for granted

I’m grateful for ..

I could be productive if I stopped ..

Today my body feels ..

I want to learn how to ..

What gives me happiness is ..

The reason I’m anxious is that..

I want to exercise because ..

I’m learning that ..

I feel like my best self when ..

I feel inspired when ..

I feel low when ..

What matters most is ..

  • Dialogue Writing helps us write a metaphoric conversation with an issue, a subject, a body part or emotion or person and you get to play both parts.


  • You and your ‘inner critic’ having a clear conversation on what is the inner critic’s problem
  • You and your ‘inner mentor’ having a proper dialogue on what to do
  • You and a friend having a dialogue and what would he/she say to help you 
  • You talking to your body asking what it needs 

You can expect some answers, some clarity and lots of fun!

So, my friends, Happy Writing!

Author: Devanshi Gala | Publisher: Kosha Life



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Such an easy and amazing post 🌸 I am doing some research for writing journals. This has clarified alot ✨

Sandy Sandhu June 01, 2021

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