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Hey lovely souls!! How are you all doing? It's the weekend today so let me know how do you plan yours? Asking me, I usually plan a movie night with my duckling. From princess to fairies, from magic to mythology, from sci-fi to documentaries, and from Hollywood to Bollywood, we have explored every genre of movies. And every story has something unique about it.

But I am supposed to talk about some vitamins, ain’t I? Relax my lovelies, I am
coming there. So, last night we decided to watch “AAJA NACHLE" This movie revolves around a small town, a town that had art, laughter, and love as a part of its heritage but slowly things shifted and how the people turned numb to music, art, and even love.

This movie was a complete package but one dialogue just stayed with me, “It is not the art that needs people, it is the people who need art”. And I could agree more with this statement.
So ladies and gentlemen, today I am going to talk about Vitamin A(art), vitamin
m(music), and Vitamin L(love and laughter). You have no idea how your body and soul yearn for these vitamins. Tell me, if you are depleted, frustrated, irritated, depressed, and everything such. That signifies how much you need these.

For almost a decade, there is one thing that I have closely observed. Everyone is only worried about the external appearance. Let me show you a few examples. We are living in a world that is in constant competition with one another. Envious of someone’s success, perfect body, perfect family, international vacations, and the list goes on. And then we slog ourselves to achieve that status and income strata.
We also might achieve all that we aimed for but….have you ever observed all that you have lost???? In the present world, whenever you ask someone about how they are feeling?... It is rare to have someone saying that they are happy. Almost 90% of the people are always ranting about how stressful their life is. It is this time when you need to unwind and release. BUT HOW??? FOCUS ON YOUR VITAMIN-L...LIFE Being a holistic coach, almost every day I come across people who have forgotten to
sing, dance, recite a poem, narrate a story, and so on. Some feel that being playful is a  waste of time. Many have this notion that people who do theaters have nothing to do in their life. BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS….THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LIVE THEIR LIFE TO THE FULLEST.
Yes, you heard it right. When your soul is depleted and depressed, your body does not need medicine. It is the soul that needs to be nurtured by adopting art as a lifestyle. Remember a few years ago, we all used to love having community gatherings. Art and music were an integral part of society. Everyone had stories to share and tales to tell. People would not refrain from dancing, laughing, and spreading joy.

This new age society lacks all these soul-nourishing emotions, which is why we
desperately need to laugh a little more, sing a little louder, dance a bit more, and be in awe of every cultural story. TODAY I ASK YOU A FEW QUESTIONS LIKE THE SHAMAN MEDICINE MAN ASKED HIS VISITORS, “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by the stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence? I believe you will find your answers. I hope you do!!!
Love and Light

Author: CHARU RAJPAL| Publisher: Kosha Life




It’s true!

Devanshi October 20, 2021

Very true.Earlier life was simple,celebrating every little event.We are so governed by logic that creativity ,our true wellbeing is always last thing to take care of.

Kriti October 20, 2021

Amazing perspective! Beautifully expressed! Thanks!

Annapoorna October 12, 2021

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