Success is a wonderful thing. But it tend not to be sort of experience we learn from. We enjoy it perhaps we deserve it. But we don’t acquire wisdom from it. ~ Shahrukh Khan

We see most people have desire to grow and succeed. They want to be good at one thing, to grow continuously, to become best in world and the list goes on. Everyone wants to perform incredibly in their fields.

If we look at the history of mankind, many things was considered as impossible once has now become a daily part of our lives. This clearly shows that human potential has been raised and developed over past years or centuries.

The human potential has incredible power if used in certain ways and we enough examples of it now. Success don’t always means money, expensive cars and houses, lavish lifestyle…

 So, in simple words, success means the manifestation of an idea in the physical and mental world. Anything which is created in this world physically or mentally with certain amount of involvement is ‘success’.

Success can be one thing for a person and something else for another. But if we look closely, we see there are certain mechanics and law to achieve success.

In an interview of Bob Proctor, an international author and philosopher, I heard him say, “The whole universe operates on laws. Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.

So by studying and researching on the lives of extraordinary people, I have come across some mechanics and laws which made ordinary people like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela extra ordinary and significant beings.

Here are some mechanics which can brings us closer to our success…

  1. Have a specific, well defined goals
  2. You need unwavering attention towards your goals
  3. Get out of your comfort zone
  4. Mental toughness plays a vital role
  5. You have fall in love with consistency and patience
  6. You must have a BIG ‘why’
  7. Being in a constant practice of learning and improving

People mostly run and chase wrong things in life to become successful. Many are chasing the final outcome and comparing themselves to others constantly. Instead, it is best that we keep our eyes, body and mind on one thing. That’s when our potential works on highest peak. Conditioning our mind to love the process not the final outcome is the sure way to learn the mechanics and laws of success.

There are no hidden secrets. People are spending a lot of time to find out secrets of success. That’s why self-help industry is growing rapidly.

Rather we should study the mechanics and act accordingly to build certain attitude, integrity, values and character. It’s my wish you all find something worthy to be proud of and start working upon it without thinking about the end result rather focusing on the process and its mechanics.

Thank you!  

Author: Avi Sharma | Publisher: Kosha Life


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Very persuasive! Kudos! 🥳

Annapoorna July 07, 2021

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