Hello are you all doing? Since the full moon is around, let me ask you, how are you feeling emotionally? 

Surprised about how the full moon affects your mood?? OHH, BABY!! It does affect every thought, emotion, hormone, and even period…I hope by now you must have understood all that going to discuss… 


  For many years, I used to see the women of my house observing fast occasionally. But they would only eat something after offering their prayers to the moon. These rituals used to fascinate me and only a few years later when I learned a few things about the macro and micro cosmos….I understood that our ancestors had designed every ritual in such a brilliant way that it would benefit our body in a zillion ways. 

 So all you ladies in the house, please take note of your periods if they are in sync with the lunar phases? Do you know that almost a century ago, 85% of women used to menstruate together around the new moon? Their period cycle was very much in sync with the moon cycle and those who used to bleed around the full moon were considered providers who would take care of all those who bled in the majority. It was only with the modernization of our society that we lost our connection with nature. 


  In the present scenario, one in four women is suspected to have some kind of hormone imbalance. Surprisingly, PCOD and PCOS are considered normal diseases and we learn to live on pills and tablets for the rest of our life.

 But have you ever thought about the solution? Have you ever heard your grandma mentioning any such ailment? What has changed over the years which has got us to such a condition? 

  I have got you covered but let's first observe the nature around us. Look at the deep blue sky, the sun, the trees, grass, animals, and everything but humans. Are they not the same as they were earlier? Now, do you understand what has changed? YES!!! We have changed, with an altered lifestyle, eating habits, sleep patterns, and not to mention, our sync and connection with the cosmos have been disrupted. 

  Recently, I read in a book that the moon has a lot to do with women's fertility. Ask a farmer what is the most suitable time for a new crop and his answer would be “around the new moon”. A new moon signifies new beginnings so if our menstruation is in sync with the moon, our body prepares itself for the next fertility cycle. 

  Ask me if it is still possible to be in sync with the rhythm of nature and I will tell you how...

The first and the most important thing is to bring your body back to its CIRCADIAN CLOCK. 

Other than that, try to connect with the moon. I am listing a few ways out of many for you to practice.

  • ABSORBING MOONLIGHT: You all must have heard of soaking in the sunlight but my dear girls, it is equally important to soak in some moonlight every night as the moon is considered to be feminine. Connecting with the moon directly means tapping into your feminine side.
  • DRINKING MOON WATER: Now this sounds new, Right!! Moon water is one of the elixirs that can help you heal zillions of your problems. Fill a clear glass bottle with drinking water, keep it in the moonlight or outside for 2-3 hours at night. Drink this water first thing in the morning and see the magic happening yourself. 
  • MOON GODDESS MEDITATION: If you are a mediation person, you can choose to do moon goddess meditation. These meditations bring calm to your mind and help your endocrine system work efficiently. 

  • A few more things like practicing self-care, pampering yourself on some days, and eating a healthy clean diet can help your body come back to its healthiest self. Trust me as I have practiced all the above-mentioned tools and they work wonders. YOUR BODY SEEKS YOUR LOVE. I BELIEVE YOU CAN GIVE IT. I HOPE YOU DO.




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