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He came to me with an angry look and u[on being asked what happened, he told me he was angry because I did not order the online Rakhi that he had suggested, I mean can you imagine the heights of drama my brother does! When we go shopping for his apparels OH MYYYY GoDDDD!! You have no clue how choosy and demanding he becomes it takes me hours to find him a single pair of jeans that is best fitting and suitable color to “HIS EYES” “Brothers: the only human species with utmost irritating magical powers!” He is the only human being in my life, literally who has the audacity to:

Cough on me

 Fart on my nose 

Burp on my mouth

, Sneeze on my mouth, Not even this pandemic virus could stop him!! 

He throws pillows on my back,

 Locks the door when i am inside the bathroom,

 Turns off the light in the room and runs away, 

Shuts down my laptop while i am in the middle of watching my favourite, Sounds like a poem naaa…..its not this is the level and integrity and devotion with which he has been driving me nuts all these years of my life (I am sure every sister would agree!!). Since our childhood he has been really troublesome, he used to quarrel with friends, fall down from everywhere chairs/sofas/bicycles. He came into my life when I was 4, he just snatched away all my importance in glimpse and I was reluctant to relinquish my relevance in our family. Growing up I realized it wasn’t his fault it was the male dominating society which was dogmatically taught to choose sons over daughters.

In 2010, as we reached adolescence, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan I wrote him a very amusing letter which later turned out to be extremely sensible and a catalyst in strengthening our sibling bond to an extent where our frankness levels expanded to such a place where nothing remained TABOO between us. Can you imagine, sharing your dirtiest thoughts, the darkest crimes and ugliest insecurities of life with your own sibling, that tiny letter 10 years back from today did wonders for both of us. That day we started our own ritual:

We decided that from now on (i.e. since 2010) we will keep each of our Rakhis saved up in a box of memories. Indians celebrate Rakshabandhan as a festival wherein a sister ties a sacred thread on the brother’s wrist in return of a beautiful promise which signifies a lifetime loving, caring, supporting and protecting vow. It's not hard and fast to tie it on the same day, our rituals provide us with some buffer period of time around 5 days until ‘KRISHNA JANAMASHTAMI’, just like you have and extra ‘CHOTI DIWALI’ just in case you miss to celebrate the actual ‘BADI DIWALI’.....Haha….!! Jokes apart. Talk about the present day, my brother has now transformed into an elder brother literally, that’s what i wished for since childhood to have a protective elder brother, well he has become one.

He constantly holds my back whenever my adrenaline shoots up making me anxious, he is right there standing to make me calm down. He even scolds me for being over emotional and having low self esteem. He tells me that I should stop living in self-validation. He tells me I should let the scavengers of the past be released from my memory. It is blocking my own growth and peace of mind. He is not only a great secret keeper but also someone who would come with me to bury my crimes the day I commit one. He is my everyday counselor and star performer and entertainment included….ekdum MUFT MUFT MUFT!!! Not that he has grown up so he doesn't drive me crazy anymore, in fact he derives the most unique methodologies and concepts. due to which we have had the following classification of fights: 

‘TV remote fights’

 ‘Throw objects fights’ 

‘Pillow fights’ 

‘Slap fights’ 

‘Spoil the hair fights’

 ‘Maggie fights’ 

‘Hide all the stuff fights’ 

‘Cake facial fights’ 

‘Deadly fights’

(where we beat each other until one is dead, then someone elder in the family has to come separate us….HaHa!!) He literally does the exact opposite of whatever I say in order to make me shout out so loud, or vex my nerves and scratch my eyes out…..AAAAHHHH!!!!! There are infinite stories to tell you guys, if you feel the same and equally likely about your brother/sister/sibling/cousin…..please share in the comment box. HAPPPPPYYYYY RAKSHA BANDHAN-2021!!!

Author: Mitali Jain| Publisher: Kosha Life




2010 incident which u shared and still holding on it is amazing, its lovely to create such happy moments…

Pragati September 14, 2021

Nicely written and more relatable moments between siblings. I learned something new from this post. Thanks for amazing post ! Good work ! Keep it up !

Ashish Gaigole September 03, 2021

Happy Raksha Bandhan. Mohit the cutest lil brother😁😁

Parul Pandey September 01, 2021


Ms. Surbhi Jain September 01, 2021

Well Expressed bond of bro sis👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Nikita September 01, 2021

Well Expressed bond of bro sis👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Nikita September 01, 2021

Really Nice 😄

Akhilesh Gurjar September 01, 2021

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