Stop being ROBOTIC! Grab Your Prebiotic! (Fibre Series Blog 2)

I fairly remember seeing from childhood years- my parents waking up early at 4:00AM, performing healthy morning rituals and going about their day with so much ease. And if you want to know what’s so special about it? Then my dear, you must have missed the word “ease” that I mentioned here. All these years, I have never seen them drained-out or low on energy. Do you think they kept up with stimulants like Black coffee or Red Bull?

Of course NOT!!

Well, we know how a regular day looks like in these modern times. Contradictory to that- about a week ago- I and my husband took up a challenge to wake up at 4:30 every morning… Sounds tough right??

Okay! So our morning started with a lot of gleams and glees. It felt no less of a mountainous victory.

All my struggles to stay awake went down the drain, when my husband made a snoozy ask, “Can I please have a cup of BLACK COFFEE?” “Black coffee on an empty stomach?” I rebuked. And I don’t want you to guess what happened next…

Nonetheless! A thought just lingered in my mind throughout the day, that what was it which kept my parents high on energy and happy. And the inquisitive me immediately made a call to my dad, and what he said made me go bonkers. You want to know that too?? Then what are we waiting for!!

As you know in our last blog we discussed how our gut microbiota is responsible for everything good or bad happening in our body. To continue, I would share what exactly helps you maintain harmony with these mastermind nano sized creatures!


Plants are nutrient dense, high on vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and not to miss, the phytonutrients which are only and only available in plants.

But one thing that has my heart is “The FIBRE”. Fibre, my dear friend is going to set you free of all your nutritional karma(the law of eating and its effects on your body).

From last blog, you know there are 39 trillion microbes residing inside our body which possess all the power to heal our body both internally and externally. And these microbes are like BFFs, always discussing what's happening around. They try to communicate with us too in many ways by showing early signs of disease. But we keep ignoring the symptoms and continue with bad lifestyle habits.

Therefore, the question now is that what can be done to be able to receive a call from these nano creatures? And to this I would suggest… Eat right and a healthy diet, which is none other than Fibre.

Let's zoom in to understand how fibre works in our body:

I am sure you would have heard of probiotics and many you would also be adding it to your daily diet. But ever come across PRE and POST biotic?

Prebiotics- are foods for healthy gut!

 Postbiotics- are the good effects we reap from eating prebiotics.

 So I can safely place it like:


Prebiotics come in many forms out of which one is Fibre (such as oats, potato, rice etc). Studies have shown that healthy gut can not survive without fibre. In fact, eating the right amount of fibre helps in increasing the diversity of microbes. Even your gut must be shouting and saying HOORAYYYY !! The fibre in your body feeds the healthy microbes.

And the benefits you reap from eating these fibre rich foods are called postbiotics with which comes the list of benefits I am going to reveal now. 

  1. DIABETES - studies have shown that high in dietary fibre foods (like cereals), can counter your risk of Type-2 diabetes, so replacing your diet with whole grains can do all the magic to reverse your diabetes.
  2. CANCER - There are many researchers taken out to confirm that eating high fibre can help prevent colorectal, breast, stomach & oesophagus cancer.
  3. SKIN HEALTH - An altered gut microbiota increases inflammation in our body and as a consequence we get acne, blemishes, uneven skin tones, eczema, psoriasis etc. Thus, eating a diet rich in fibre can help flush out the toxic microbes out of your system, therefore improving the appearance and health of your skin.
  4. HEART HEALTH- Soluble fibre in particular is a close friend of the heart. So, a diet rich in Fibre can improve cholesterol levels by encountering the LDL. It’s also helpful in improving metabolism of body which is one of the factors associated with overall body health. Fibre can also beat hypertension and improving the HDL in our body.
  5. WEIGHT LOSS - Yes, that’s right! With our mighty hero fibre you can be size zero in no time! Fibre (low on calories), improves the digestive health of our body by adding a bulk, hence losing all the excess weight and also maintaining it in a long run.
  6. The other ways in which it can promote weight loss is by keeping our insulin levels under check. Which will help maintaining our body fat burning capacity.
  7. Also eating plenty of fibre provide more energy, and we can carry out a healthy exercise routine consistently.
This humble nutrient is the key to a good healthy body. It’s time we must switch our habits to create a fibre bandwagon!!

And yes! Be with me for the next blog, as I am going to share the list of foods that are rich in fibre, and also about our mindless actions that are harming us secretly. A lot of good stuff looming up next week. Till then stay safe and healthy, it’s me zooming out!!

Love and light !!

Author: Charu Rajpal | Editor: Taahira Kisna | Publisher: Kosha Life


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