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"A purposeful life is a happy life”. We have heard things like this repeatedly. 

Many of us misinterpret this line and start finding our purpose blindly. 

Let’s look at this with more depth! 

Ever wonder what our childhood looks like?! 

Eating our favorite food, playing with mud, dancing in rain, or becoming vigorous with friends and we feel top of the world!

Just by simply existing and living in the moment made us feel like we have fulfilled our lives.

Unfortunately, growing has been a difficult task for many of us. Most of us want to go back to adolescence age.

I frequently hear people saying things like , ”Pheww! I don’t like growing up” or “Why I am getting aged day by day!” or “There’s no fun left in life now” etc etc….

Maybe you feel like you are missing something!!

Or maybe some sense of purpose or meaning is not there in life. 

And the education system, society pressure, and our ignorant living had done quite a brilliant job to make us a walking bundle of “mess” now.

Everything has become a fad now! 

A Few years ago we saw everyone wanting to become an engineer, doctor, or lawyer! But today the dream is to become a blogger, YouTuber, or an entrepreneur and other things… more than sufficient internet and unhealthy comparisons we are doing daily leading us to think that being “normal” is now not okay and everyone wants to become “SUPER” now!

This “purpose” business which is running all over the world now make us think like we don’t have our own brain. 

Everyone now has dreams, passion and goals. But truly they have forgotten the beautiful gift of life which is ‘life’ itself. 

I am not saying that purpose is bad or having dreams is childish! All I am saying is how to approach this things… If we are losing our happiness and peace of mind by chasing these fads …. Then obviously we are following a fad thing. 

It is not something to become a super human being. It is realizing that being human is SUPER. 

It’s like everyday we are striving for good health. But little do we know that good health lies in the small habits of daily lives. It is not the outcome that we can reach instantly. It is the consistent practice of good habits and one day we will realize that we have reached to the outcome. 

So the trick here is don’t be in a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let the life surprise you. Once you figured out YOUR way of living a life and what you actually want to do throughout your life… then you will attain a sense of fulfillment or purpose or whatever you say. 

Because only then you will not desire for results and you will do constantly what you love to do without any expectation. 

So don’t be mad about this purpose business. Your only concern should be how you are living your life… 

If you are doing it wonderfully, you will get YOUR purpose.


Purpose is a thing or illusion, you create in your mind. 

If something is needed we will do it. The purpose of life is to live and live totally. 

Live totally doesn’t means that we should party every night. To live totally means nothing in life has been left explored. 

See, you need to understand this deeply. If you have got one purpose and you fulfilled it in your life… then what you will do for the rest of life? 

So purpose is just an illusion which we have picked from our environment and now we have created our own stories. 

Instead, the only purpose of life here is to live totally and explore every dimension. 

If we think that first we will achieve this and then we will achieve our purpose and then we will be happy and list goes on…

Let me remind you that happiness will never be based upon what you want to achieve. It totally based upon counting your blessings and feeling fulfilled for what you have right now in this moment of life. 

Carve your name on hearts, not tombstone. A legacy is etched into the minds of other and the stories they share about you – Shannon Alder 

Author: Avi Sharma | Publisher: Kosha Life



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"Unshakeable health comes first from taking responsibility for your happiness & peace. Everything else is secondary"

Anirudh Gomber