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One of the most beautiful things about life is that it’s unpredictable. Here, nothing is permanent and change is the only constant. A lot of things will happen to you that will leave you transformed. Things you have never demanded and never thought in your dreams will somehow transform us if we are moving forward in a certain way.

We all had situations in our life when we thought it’s the worst situation but after some time it turned out to be the best thing for us. And when we thought it’s a good situation to be in, it turned out to be worst actually. So we don’t always know what life has for us ahead.

Maybe god shows the path one step at a time and our mind wants to know all of it in advance!!

Based on scientific research, we all might have experienced that the nature of our mind is such, whenever you enter a new phase or a situation, a certain amount of fear always gets generated.

While I was staying in an ashram with thousands of other members, I had to wake up at 4 am so that I can reach my practices at 5 am without any delay. I felt like an hour is okay for me to get ready. But long queues at the bathroom gate daily left me feeling disappointed in some little ways. I always used to get late even for half an hour even after waking up on time also.

Rather than victimizing myself for the situation, I took up the responsibility to do something about it. And I started to wake up half an hour earlier.

This is just a small example to describe what happens within us. How easily, unconsciously we blame everything.

Don’t you feel these little events happen to us in our daily lives whether we are at home, working places, walking on streets, or anywhere? Just think only of the past 3 days! How many times have we were in a situation where we blamed others’ things just to satisfy ourselves? Though deep down we knew from inside we are feeling bad but rather than clearing our blockages, we are blaming others. I am not talking about the fault of others.

But I am talking about our response to things we can’t control always and how we feel within ourselves.

Whenever something goes off the plan we always try to protect our ego and put the blame on others. We can blame other people, events, timings, etc. and it may also help us in some ways. Maybe we feel comfortable or it’s as easy to ignore the part that we can play in this situation.

So when the worst or uncertain situation arrives, we can try to accept whatever is happening at the moment because once you accept it or take responsibility then you will make it a part of you. And you will make the necessary actions which are needed in the particular situation.

This is not an ideology or a philosophy but this is how life works. Have you ever noticed whenever you have achieved a milestone in life or whether you are enjoying something, you become super happy because you are in a state of acceptance? It makes you feel like something has become a part of you.

So in simple words, if we learn and develop this practice of taking responsibility then growth and self-transformation is inevitable and it would happen naturally if accompanied by the right actions.

You may fight with your spouse, broke up with your partner, lost someone close, etc… no one had ever been able to skip these situations. I’ve never seen a man who has not faced any tough situations in life. It’s just a matter of time. Some may face early and some may face late. But in an ongoing life, the challenging situation will come that’s for 100% I am sure.

We see some people getting crushed by rough situations, some depressed, others may fight. When an unexpected situation occurs, we see that different people react differently in the same kind of situation.

Isn’t it surprising?

But the people who come out of the challenging situations with a minimum amount of damage are those who feel that it’s their responsibility to take care of whatever they are going through right now.

If you think it’s my partner’s mistake or time is wrong or maybe it’s because of outside environment … but whatever you are feeling inside you if you don’t take the charge of it and wait for externalities to become better. Then it’s an endless wait!

I know it’s difficult, it’s very hard but if we look it through other prospective, then it is FREEDOM!

We can cultivate this practice and become good at it if we start doing it daily. So when challenging situations will arise, we can pass it with minimum damages.

If you are someone who is looking for unstoppable growth or transformation, you have to look at things from this perspective and be 100% responsible for your inner well-being and acceptance.

Practicing responsibility and acceptance can be tough. But it’s the only way to take our life into our own hands!!

Author: Avi Sharma| Publisher: Kosha Life



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Beautiful. Surrender is also an important aspect to consider.

bhartibenhira September 24, 2021

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