Temporary nature of thoughts and emotions!

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TEMPORARY EMOTIONS of a TRAVELLER ON EARTH I had a thought that maybe we are just temporary travellers on this planet earth, each person being on their journey.

Please read the last blog where I explore this idea.

Considering the temporary nature of our experience on earth, let's explore the aspect of thoughts and emotions.

We have noticed and the scriptures affirm that we have specific tendencies by birth that dictate our thoughts, inclinations etc. Then thoughts often alter as we grow. Moreover, twins borne together also display varied characters. Now, consider an empty sieve, when you pour grains in the sieve, some grains fall through and some get stuck in the mesh. If our mind is like the sieve, initially it is clear, then thoughts and ideas come onto it, of which some fall through and some get stuck. What stays is what we can consider as our thoughts, our truth. This shapes our perspective, behaviour and choices. As experiences pile, as situations change, the sieve's size and pattern change and the earlier thoughts may now fall through and perhaps new thoughts will enter and stay. Also, everyone's sieve is different.

Hence, the nature of thoughts is evidently temporary. Our thoughts, ideas are ours and they aren't always true. It is just what we have collected. If we are travellers on earth, then thoughts are just travellers in our minds! They come and go just like travellers.

Thoughts give birth to emotions that come and go, they bloom and subside. Fear comes and goes, Love comes and goes, sadness comes and goes. All this is normal.

The problem starts when we try to keep any emotion permanently, consciously or unconsciously.

Assuming you are a temporary traveller and visitor on earth, you can try seeing everything with a spirit of wonder and exploration, as if everything is a new experience, a unique fresh moment. "Woah, sadness feels like this", "Oh, I've never felt this type of love before."

If thoughts and emotions are temporary, why should I strive to establish permanent happiness, permanent good vibes? I agree that I do practices that end up keeping my spirit high but that doesn't mean I reject the negative emotions. I see them, feel them and travel on. Spiritual bypassing is an action where we suppress 'negative emotions' by labelling them as bad and replace them with 'good' emotions. This backfires later.

And what about our past experiences, especially bad ones? I look at them as 'Woah! What a dramatic story I've had on earth so far. I can make the rest of this journey different now." Every human has had a unique rollercoaster life, why am I forcing mine to be controlled, straight and be 'good' only?

Assuming ourselves as travellers on earth, we can choose to see fleeting thoughts, emotional experiences, events as temporary episodes

. Please remember it's your choice how you want to see things and I am just sharing an idea!!

We will discover relationships in the next blog. Enjoy the Journey!

Author: Devanshi Gala| Publisher: Kosha Life



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