Someone is always listening to you - (2 min READ)

You all must have heard the quote “when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”
Most people don’t believe in it. Earlier I was also one of them.
But something has happened recently with me that completely changed my perspective towards the aforementioned quote.

After lockdown, I started introspecting myself and found my love towards writing, towards creating something new every day that can change people’s outlook towards their life.

I knew I wasn’t that good at making the garland of sentences with the flowers of words. But one thing I knew for sure that it was my inner calling, and I can do anything to achieve it.
I have read it somewhere that if you know what you want but you don’t know “HOW”. Surrender to the universe and Ask for help.
I thought I should give it a try for not testing it but because I wanted to write, and I needed guidance.

So, one day I sat with my eyes closed, put my hand on the heart, and told the universe my intentions about bringing change in the world with the power of words and ask to show me a path.
You will be amazed to know what has happened after two days, I opened Instagram and I saw the post of our founder.
The post was – “Do you enjoy writing, an opportunity to turn your passion into a career”

But at that time, I wasn’t aware, didn’t pay attention to that post, I read it and started scrolling. The same day in the evening I sat to write which I do usually, took out my notebook and when I saw that quote written on the cover of the notebook, my expression was…what... really...and quickly opened Instagram and reread that post.

For a while, I was like oh ‘my god’ is it a coincidence or a sign of the universe? It surely was a sign of the universe (my heart said). I closed my eye with hands together and expressed gratitude and thankfulness to the universe.
I sent the blog; I was shortlisted and here I am writing this blog.
Believe me, it works if you keep these things in mind:

1. Spend time with yourself and find your inner calling
2. If you find yourself stuck anywhere, just ask for help from the universe.
3. Have faith in the Universe.
4. Be present in the moment and aware of everything happening around you.
5. When you see the sign, don’t doubt it, just grab the opportunity and start slogging.

Before reading this book, I considered most of the good things happened with me as coincidence. This book not only taught me to have faith in even the craziest dreams but also demonstrated how the universe helps those who have burning desires for their dreams.

the alchemist

No matter your thoughts are positive or negative the universe is always listening and responding to you.
So why don’t you ask for good
Why don’t you ask for help?

Author: Mamta Dehariya | Publisher: Kosha Life




Thank you so much ma’am for sharing this amazing blog.

Deepali April 19, 2021

Much Positive vibes in just 2 min

Sonali Agrawal April 19, 2021

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