As a young athlete, I underwent over 5 years of rigorous personal development on and off the field. It included early morning and late evening loooong football trainings, intensive value education sessions every day and a complete change in diet, clothes, friends, and daily schedule. 

Often we played and lost against the men's team, which left me dejected and driven. Competitiveness ran in my blood stream now! I got obsessed with growth. I started deriving happiness and contentment from my performance ONLY, which started to become my downfall. 

Post training years, this habit continued in my study and career and now this journey has brought me to the awareness to introspect and make some shifts in the ways I looked at growth and personal development. 

Come, let’s understand… 

Personal Development involves inculcating good values, improving skills, enhancing potential, upgrading quality of life, and most importantly unknowingly aspiring to be happier. 

Personal development has a dark side and a bright side. 

Which side are you heading on to?  

Before I lose you in the large ocean of data that comes under the banner of personal development, I want you to stand with me on the shore of this ocean, and ask yourself,

Why” do you want to develop yourself further? 

The downfall of personal development starts when we tread this path, thinking that there is something wrong with us. 

The ‘why’ here sounds like:

 “I need to fix myself” 

“I’m not successful”

“I need to prove myself”

“I’m not good enough”

“I haven’t yet achieved anything”

I was there too, and soon my shelves were full of self-help books, my YouTube feed brimming with motivational gurus, and my life buried in my to-do lists. 

My success and achievements increased but so did my discontent. My smiling face turned into a serious face. 

I was just trying to be better all the time!

Do you feel something similar?

Trying to change your current situation with underlying heavy dissatisfaction and self-sabotage is harmful. It drains out your energy.

What if I tell you, we are whole already? 

We are learning and we are fine, just where we are, right here, right now! 

Let’s celebrate ourselves for who we are now, where we are now, and what we have already. 

The Bright-side of Personal development sounds like,

“I would like to explore this subject, let’s see what it’s about”

“I’m grateful for what I’ve learnt, I can learn some more”

“I value my body and mind, so I shall improve my health” 

Development can be a fun adventure. You can improve from a place of self-worth! It energises you!

So you’d ask where am I now?

Well, I still play sports. Not to prove my worthiness anymore, but for the joy of it.

Some great tips when you take the dive in:

Take Small strides 

Go step by step. Not out of fear, but because it keeps us grounded.

Don’t avoid Negative emotions

In the process of transformation, don’t force happiness and don’t run away from uncomfortable emotions. Overtime, they may not vanish but will surely decrease, and you will become stronger.

Enjoy the journey

The end goal of everything is to be happy. Isn’t it? 

But the future is not guaranteed. The present moment is. We can be happy now and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

I think now you’re ready and well equipped to explore this vast ocean of personal development. 

All the best!

Author: Devanshi Gala | Editor: Taahira Kisna | Publisher: Kosha Life



This is a wonderful breakdown of personal development and you have written it in such a way that anyone can easily resonate who is on this journey. Thank you.

Anirudh Gomber March 18, 2021

It is amazing how long it takes to Transform yourself to become someone you, yourself appreciate rather than other people judging you. The self is important. And I’m happy you found yours!

Nibs March 17, 2021

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"Unshakeable health comes first from taking responsibility for your happiness & peace. Everything else is secondary"

Anirudh Gomber