“Maa will always be Maa!” (2 MIN)

MAA = Our first-aid kit !!!

Just go away from my room, leave me alone! 

I said, and she went away.

Last night, she was behind me to drink milk, I am 25 years old now, I don’t need to drink milk every night and every morning, I have my office work to do, I need coffee, why don’t you understand?

After 1000s of time telling her the same thing she still ran behind me with a warm glass of milk to sip Fatafat & Gatagat before bed. And we had a really bad fight.

I could not sleep the entire night thinking about apologizing to her next morning I woke up she was standing in the kitchen, making tea for everyone and boiling milk for me and my brother.

HUSH! Maa…..!

“Maa will always be Maa!”

No one can change her,

No one can fight her,

No one can win over her!

So there have been enormous fights between me and my mom, sometimes she gets angry and doesn’t speaks to me for days and then one day come when I ask for forgiveness and she always gives it to me just like anything else that I would ask else as minute as a chocolate or a doll.

I have hurt her a millions of times, beginning from giving me a natural birth to breastfeeding me, years of sleepless nights and hectic days in my upbringing, during my schooling she used to wake up before me to ensure she could pack my tiffin full of nutrients and her love.

A single blog is literally insufficient to narrate the never-ending list of her efforts in raising me. So let me come to the point, why I am writing this today to all my lovely readers, this is to share with you that many times in life

We get distracted,

We are stressed,

We are feared,

We lose,

We fail!

Always turn towards her, she has the answers to every question, she has solutions for every problem in this world, she can help us in the most vulnerable times in our lives.

She our FIRST-AID KIT, the first name we call out when we fell down, when we get hurt, when we are injured.

You must be wondering why I’m so caught up into the emotions and sounding like a cranky baby today praising all the mothers in the world, repeating what we already know.

That’s the point guys, we all know it, but we take her for granted, we keep taking from her selfishly feeding our pockets with her love. I was watching a new released movie SAINA, on Amazon Prime Video. The movie literally reminded me of how my mother sacrificed and lived each and every single day of her life dedicating it into building my life!

I decided to spread the word:

  1. Thank her every day for this life!
  2. Thank god every day for giving you such a lovely mother.
  3. Make her feel special.
  4. Apologize each time you fight with her.
  5. Tell her you love her each day, without forgetting.
  6. Make time for her express your love towards her in different ways.
  7. Be grateful that you have her!

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life



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Ms. Surbhi Jain May 06, 2021

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