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Masculine and Feminine!!!! Aren’t these words sounding familiar to you all? Oh ya! We are coming from a generation where we use such words to prove the superiority of one gender over the latter. WAIT!! DO YOU THINK I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE GENDER EQUALITY?? Not at all. 

Masculine and feminine are the energies that are eternally present in every human irrespective of their gender.. And I am not kidding. We are all made of these energies. Shiv-Shakti, Purush-Prakriti, Yin-Yang, Ardhnarishwar, Mind-Heart, and Sun-Moon...look around yourself to observe that the whole universe is working in this pattern. It is the dual force working in communion all the time. We will now go further and understand a bit more about these energies..

DIVINE MASCULINE is universal fatherhood energy. It governs the right side of our body. Also, as I discuss these energies, please do not confuse yourself with the brain hemisphere theory because we will discuss that in another blog. 

Here are a few qualities of divine masculine energy.










DIVINE FEMININE on the other possesses universal motherhood energy. It governs the left side of our body. Let us find out what all qualities are that of the Divine Feminine.











So these are a few qualities of these energies. Their presence can be seen in the whole universe, despite that you may have one of these working predominantly. No wonder you must be thinking about the ways you can check yours. It is not that difficult. How about doing some exercise here. I am going to ask some questions about your lifestyle, hobbies, food choices, and more. Your answers will reveal whether your energies are in balance or not. 

Let us begin.. Open your cupboard and check if your wardrobe is a mix of colors or there is a scheme of monochromatic colors. 

If a woman, how do you like to dress up? Love wearing dresses or only want to see yourself wearing jeans and shirts? 

Are you inclined to creative activities such as singing, dancing, painting, and so on, or no interest you at all?

Do you mind laughing out loud? If not, do you love to laugh your heart out?

Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? If not, do you keep yourself rock-solid all the time?

Do you allow yourself to sit with your emotions when required? If not, do you find no point wasting time on all such things? 

Are you rigid in your food choices?  Alternatively, are you receptive to trying new delicacies coming from different cultures?

Are you at all times operating through your mind or do you allow it to flow with your heart and emotions?

More likely,  find yourself in a calm place and observe these patterns and pen them to find an answer by yourself. Everywhere when you allow your heart to take over...Your divine feminine is active and vice versa. 

This is not all about these energies.. Many times these energies are wounded in us. What are the reasons behind the wounds, how to bring them back to balance, and a lot more will bring it all up in the next blog. Till then...embrace yourself as you are, love yourself, and laugh hard.

Love and Light


Author: Charu Rajpal | Publisher: Kosha Life



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