The Journey From Learning To Unlearn

“ I can feel a lot of heaviness in your auric field. You have become a sponge who has been soaking in every emotion good or bad”. An energy healer was telling me all this while she was reading my aura. Her words literally got me jitters as we were totally unknown to each other. Then how could she know all of it that was untold? And post our session she guided me with all the ways I could heal my blocked energy channels. Performing rituals, affirmations, chants, and angelic prayers was an entirely new subject I got exposed to. And you know what the beauty was, that all of it worked for me. Yes!! I could see my energy making a shift. MY ENERGY WAS NOW IN MOTION in the form of my EMOTIONS.

Oh, yaa!! You are getting there now. Energy is all that is. This universe, planets, galaxies, nature, and us, all of this boils down to just one thing….ENERGY. Now when I say we are energy, it means that all our thoughts, emotions, feelings are energy too. You would be surprised to know that every thought that we create emits energy into the Universe. And on average, we create 60,000 thoughts every day. Now that is a huge number!!!

Out of these 60,000, only some of them are new and the rest of the thoughts keep arising from our subconscious. And to operate from our subconscious simply means that we are in our robotic mode, constantly creating a patterned loop of emotions, actions, events, episodes, and eventually our life. These emotions which are deep-seated in your subconscious, if unhappy will create negative energy. We have all studied in school that energy once created cannot be destroyed but can be transformed to a different form. So, this energy of unhappy thoughts settles down in different parts of our bodies. It keeps on piling up for years together, causing a lot of unease and later manifests as a DIS-EASE in our body. But my dear soul, our subconscious however controls 99% of our choices, you still can reframe your life with that 1%. HOW?? Let's learn.

See, your subconscious mind is a huge memory bank. It also stores everything that has happened to you permanently. This means that this data is coming from your surroundings, belief system, conditioning, value system, circumstances, and even your past life events.


And trust me, your subconscious is extremely powerful. It remembers all that you have felt in your comfort zone. That is what becomes a big limitation for you. Because whenever you try to move out of your comfort zone, it pulls you back into the same dark zone. So, if you want to break this pattern you must learn to be a pupa. A pupa that evolves and transforms into a beautiful butterfly in the darkest trap of a cocoon shell. And for that you should choose to acknowledge that you are a magical being of this universe, you are limitless. Accept and acknowledge all that you are, every bit of you. Your subconscious is much like that ginny who would obey the commands of the conscious mind. So, keep telling yourself all that you wish to be. Reparent yourself as if you are that kid who is seeking love and attention. And now say all the beautiful words you wished to hear from your parents. Because you are a Starseed of the Universe.

Even in the Ayurvedic Classic texts, the theory of macrocosm and microcosm is being told by acharyas. In simple words, all that is on the outside is all that you are on the inside. So you, yes you!!! You are the entire Universe. You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are pure magic.
I believe in you. I hope you do too.

I am going to tell you more about the tools and tricks that you can use to tame your subconscious. So, hang in there for this series of blogs on energy medicine and healing modalities that work on your subconscious.

It was the Universe's way to tell me, “ The time has arrived”. From that day, an unknown supreme power lifted me up and carried me beyond a secret door. A door that was beyond the boundaries and territory of your physical self. A door that opens to your aura, your energy field which is expanded all through this universe. I WAS NOW MUCH MORE AWARE OF MY JOURNEY.

Author: Charu Rajpal | Publisher: Kosha Life


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