THE LONGEVITY COURSE - A Student's Transformative Experience (3MIN Read)

His goodbye words were, You don’t need to miss us, we will be right here!

I have had math coaches, physics coaches, badminton, and swimming coaches, but then I found MY LIFE COACHES!

I had no clue at this early age of adulthood I would struggle so hard that I would actually need something like this to keep myself going. I used to think all the stress, complications and peer pressures come in life when we reach somewhere into the mid-life age, which we humans call the ‘Mid-life crisis’.

But somehow, our generation has been prone to extremely stressful and anxious situations, and we all are desperately looking to get ourselves healed.

So while searching, accidentally found something on Instagram, that turned out great for me, I found “THE LONGEVITY COURSE”.

Out of curiosity I read through its details and found out that these people teach us how to live our lives more happily, leaving behind all the stress and anxiety we face. I immediately went to the swipe up option read about the course and was still dicey about joining it.

And guess what, these guys came up with a prior session, where all the life coaches gathered to introduce themselves and also to answer all our queries, it was like, someone literally communicated this on my behalf, maybe it was the universe working in the background… help me out.

I joined the session and I was offered to get bring along another friend of mine, who was also in dire need of the course, trust me.

So the course started, it was meant for 6 days full of intense training on the following things:

  1. How to start believing!
  2. How to bring a change in the lifestyle to HEAL ourselves!
  3. How tiny routine steps can bring deeper changes in our lives!

Each day was a beautiful journey with these 6 life coaches:

Day 1: Abhishek, FIRST MAN TO LEAD OUR COURSE taught us the importance of BREATHWORK, leading us to the realization, that we are taking oxygen for granted, and how respecting and observing every breath could do magic for our health.

Day 2 and 3: Anirudh & Charu, THE TRUE CHARMERS OF AYURVEDA, came into our lives with a MAGICAL AURA, with their inner self-developed powers and magic wands of self-discipline, they taught us:

How to




Heal our body!


It seemed so difficult that how will we figure out our DOSHAS, PRAKRUTI and VIKRUTIS but these coaches stood back so firm with us, and made it so easy and so much more believable.

Day 4: Nikita, OUR YOGA GURU, taught us yoga and with each step following her, we learned how beautiful is the Indian Sanskriti, and the SURYA-NAMASKAR, its benefits and life-transforming perks of the various Yogasana.

Day 5: MAGICAL SESSION with ANIRUDH GOMBER, FOUNDER OF KOSHA LIFE, a guy who started it all, who self-learned all of this, then self-experimented and after achieving desirable results he is eager to share it out with the entire Humanity, he shared with us the LIFE SECRETS, by which we can literally CRAFT OUR DESTINY.

Day 6: Taahira, THE NIGHTANGLE OF KOSHA LIFE TEAM, who brought us the HEALING THROUGH MUSIC program, she literally sang her soul out for all the students, she even taught us how different RAGAS and SHRUTIS of music can act as medicine for our health.

Day 7: THE TIME FOR GOODBYE, all the students and teachers interacted on that day and shared their true inner feelings about this beautiful journey. I am a very emotional being, I seem to attach very early, I was getting very last day nostalgic vibes, feeling a bit sad about the course was ending.

But these people told us they will always stick around they even created a WHATSAPP GROUP, for keeping us on track, to see whether or not we are following our DINCHARAYAS properly or not and also to solve our further queries.

So, at the end when I said, goodbye we will miss you all!

Abhishek, who began this course, he also ended it, very charismatically by saying

You don’t need to miss us, we will be right here!!”

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life

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