The power of surrendering

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It is Monday today, and while I am fiddling through the data in mind to serve you with another topic, the stills of Goddess Kali start to flash… There was a time when I would watch the mythological serial MAHAKALI.

Kaali!!!! Unlike a regular woman, she was courageous, powerful, fierce, destroyer of the unwanted, conquering the masculine in her female body. But I was most surprised to see her feminine side, she was flowing, caring, loving, nurturing, and full of life...

Many of you must be thinking that what is so surprising about this? Every woman does that then what is so special?

Indeed, our ancient culture has raised warrior women, yet they never refrained from accepting their feminine selves. Both men and women used to adorn themselves. Were they not open to play, sing, dance, and leisurely pleasures?

But with modernization, we as in the masculine and the feminine are no longer in harmony. In the process of becoming something, as we chased our materialistic life goals, our hearts took a back seat. We were being taught how to win bread but forgot how to win hearts. Our mind has conquered our hearts and is now the creator of a motorized world. A world that is constantly trying to fit into the masculine box. But have you ever thought about a world without the feminine...DARK, GREY, COLOURLESS, GLOOMY, MECHANICAL, and HEARTLESS…

Living in a society with a rigid perspective, it becomes almost inevitable to guard these energies against various scars and wounds. But how these wounds show up in day-to-day life... Coming up-


  1. You hold a rigid perspective towards life.
  2. You are an over giver and doer.
  3. You always work with logics.
  4. A sudden burst of anger upon being triggered.
  5. Struggle to express yourself.
  6. You always possess yourself as a serious person.
  7. You are either living in the past or living in the future.
  8. You feel a lot of stiffness in your organs.
  9. You get over-anxious as you think a lot.
  10. Living in constant denial of your emotions.


  1. You have a sense of insecurity.
  2. You seek validation and approval from the external sources.
  3. Have no control over your emotions.
  4. You are over-attached to everything.
  5. Desperately wanting love from others and always chasing and begging for it
  6. Living in constant disapproval of her body.
  7. Over giver, people pleaser and putting others before yourself.
  8. Your emotions are all over the place & you over connect with people.
  9. You struggle to appreciate people and always looking for flaws.
  10. You always have a victim card to play. 

If I put it in simpler words, masculine is more stable energy which is the beholder or the container, and feminine is flowing energy. For example, if you look at a river, then the water that is flowing with its course is the feminine and the river bed that acts as a container is the masculine energy. And like I mentioned in my last blog, masculine holds the right side of the body & the left side denotes the feminine energy. IF YOU FEEL A SENSE OF DISCOMFORT IN YOUR RIGHT SIDE, THIS MEANS THAT YOU HAVE A WOUNDED MASCULINE AND YOUR LEFT SIDE OF THE BODY IS TROUBLING YOU, THE WOUNDED FEMININE IS AT PLAY….

While I bring another blog on the ways to heal these energies, you can scan your body and check whether or not you resonate with these signs. Till the time, put your faith in yourself, choose to embrace yourself and show up for yourself because, in the end, all that matters is YOU!!!!!

I believe you choose to love yourself enough, I hope you do!!!

Author: Charu Rajpal | Publisher: Kosha Life



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