He was working silently in the background, building my backbone harder and stronger! Scolding me all the time was his only style…..I never understood it until today!
He never talked to me, we never had a single conversation throughout my entire span of existence!
I was always anxious whenever he would call out my name, I used to get so afraid.
I remember once I was around 8-10 years old and it was the summer vacations I was having fun with my cousins and playing in the living room and his voice came calling out my name, I was so shaken and scared I had fallen on the floor from the sofa!
All my cousins started laughing and said we think you are dead! You must have done something wrong that’s why you are being called, now you will be scolded really bad, be ready to cry all night!
After having a dreadful fearful childhood where the word PAPA reminded me constantly about only 2 things…..SILENCE & SCOLDING.

I grew up and started disliking him, because of all the bad memories from childhood that came flushing as soon as he used to call my name, I guess I never healed from my past experiences. Then I started getting my goals fulfilled, people asked me how did you conquer this? My cousins, friends, relatives would ask me why was I so good at ‘ENGLISH’ the so-called very tough language for other kids? How did I reach a successful career at the beginning stage of my life? My sisters kept asking me how did, you build my side gig as a writer; we never knew a person could earn from his/her passion!

And the first words that would flow out of my mouth were “MERE PAPA BHUT STRICT HAI NAA!!”
People would look up to me with their glazing eyes with an expression saying “Please Explain??!!”

Regarding my tiny knowledge of English, I would tell them, it was because my PAPA took me to California, where I had my kindergarten schooling, and learned English right in the United States of America, if it wasn’t for him, I would have never learned it so good in the first place.
Regarding my score in competitive exams, I would tell them, “MERE PAPA BHUT STRICT HAI NAA!!”

He would never let me watch TV or cartoons, he always encouraged me to watch the discovery channel and he brought so many books for me to read, he developed the habit of reading in me, by scolding me I still remember once he said to me when we were in Philadelphia I was in my 7th grade, he bought a book “THE TIME MACHINE” and said do you even know this book is worth $6 so you better read it!

Regarding my scholarship, I tell people that I got it because “MERE PAPA BHUT STRICT HAI NAA!!”

He cultivated the habit of observing and analysing each and every minute thing in life, I remember once he took us for watching a movie called TARA RUM PUM, normal parents would ask for ice cream at the end, but my Papa at the end of the movie asked me….. “What did you understand after watching the movie?”
He is the one who taught me each and every tiny bit of component in our life can be our teacher!



Reasons for writing this blog:
1. Encouraging all people of my age, to realize what FATHERS’ have done for us.
2. Never ever disrespect our fathers at any cost.
3. Be thankful for this beautiful life they have given us.
4. Realising fathers have their own ways of expressing love.
5. If your father doesn’t talk to you, maybe he is a silent lover, understand him, don’t force him to be expressive.
6. Stand up and support your father.
7. Give your father reassurance that you love them back.
8. Apologize whenever required, do not hesitate, do not procrastinate.
9. Thank him for everything he has done, make him feel special.
10. Never take him for granted, tell him he is.....Your Blessing!!!


Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life




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