The temporary and beautiful nature of relationships and homes

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The temporary and beautiful nature of Relationships and Homes

I'm exploring the idea that if I am a temporary visitor on planet earth then what indications does that have on my relationship with people and the house I live in. Do read the earlier two blogs for a better perspective.

Can you picture yourself visiting a new town, where you find a hotel to stay in? You pay the rent, utilise it, travel, meet people, then leave the hotel one day and return home.

Similarly, we can see this earth as the hotel we check-in at,we explore earth for a while and depart one day. In this temporary stay on earth, we get to occupy a certain space on earth which we call home. That space belongs to Earth and it was here long before we came. Our homes being temporary spaces we occupy while here.

I read in a book that, every house must have a worship space to serve as a reminder that a higher power is the true owner of the home's space and the resident stays there temporarily, ever grateful for the home's shelter while being on earth. This perspective was stunning. also, it's good to recall from Blog1 that all items in the house (T.V., bed, blankets, plants, clothes etc.) are sourced and made from the earth's resources only. Earth is the greatest giver and we travellers utilise these items for our stay here. I heard a famous singer called Justin Beiber once say, 'I'm just grateful to be alive, everything else is just extra.' When I looked at my home in this light, I've developed immense gratitude for my home.

Coming to relationships, If we are solo travellers, others are also travellers. Each arriving on earth at their own time and departing at their own time. Each having a unique journey and role to play on earth. But on earth, we must bid goodbye to everyone at some point. It can be school friends going different ways after graduation, a child growing up and leaving home, a war that separates loved ones, a person passing away, or sometimes we leave relationships. Some connections are for a short time and some long. Some bitter, some sweet yet all are temporary and passing.

Please pardon me if this blog makes you feel uncomfortable. Many of us consciously or unconsciously fear loneliness. Yet with practice and time, we get more comfortable with it. I agree that loving others and receiving love from others feels great & relationships are very important to me.But, essentially, if we are temporarily here then relationships are also temporary. Could we cherish them while they are here? It would help to see people for what they are, just visitors, who come and go, who are on their travel too? The temporariness of relationships has helped me value the presence of people more and celebrate their unique role in life, and savour time with them.

This is just a perspective and you always have the choice to chose yours!! Enjoy the journey.

Author: Devanshi Gala| Publisher: Kosha Life



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