VALUES & VIRTUES:PERSISTENCE Punch Line: Meet Vaishali Khopkar, teaching us life lessons with her persisting deeds!

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After wasting a large amount of time scrolling through my Instagram feed all day and all night, I decided that if I am scrolling through my phone so much, why not do some fruitful activity. But once you are addicted to social media, it becomes very difficult to resist.

So I decided that I should switch to LinkedIn. At least it would bring some usage to my wasted time as well.

So, whenever i felt like checking out my Instagram, i used to force my thumbs to rather check out my LinkedIn and it did not take a large amount of time to make the shift. And one day i see a notification stating:


And guyssssssss!!!!

My mind was literally blown!!!!!



26 years is actually my age guys, this women that i am talking about and dedicating my blog to has worked PERSISTENTLY with the same organization for all the years of my existence.

Vaishali Khopkar,

Manager_Legal Departments, Prestige Group of Industries

Visiting Faculty,Department of Law 

A mother,coolest teen mom

An Indian daughter-in-law,

A working wife

A great gym buddy, yes I met her at my Zumba Class in the EVA CARE GYM by Durgesh aunty another real life Avtaar of NAV-DURGA just like Vaishali Aunty & Charu Mam herself that we will be talking about in the festive days of NAVRATRI that is coming up really soon.

Well this was a tiny sneak peek over the upcoming blog we as Kosha Bloggers want to feature 9 women who are powerful and embracing in every aspect of their lives and how much we can learn a lot from their tiny daily chores.

So coming back to the first lady in feature, Vaishali Khopkar, I have known her for 10 years, her personality clear depicts that she is a career oriented successful CORPORATE WOMEN who makes her presence felt in the board meetings but when i asked her about the reason why she is so persistent, she told me the reason was her family. Her ultimate goal was not to aim for higher packages and only earning fat pay cheques,rather she wanted to spend time with her family, give importance to her son’s career and pay full attention to his studies as well as his emotional needs. While explaining to me this simple philosophy of her life she had tears rolling down her beautiful cheeks saying “I told my son that if anything goes wrong at any point in life, just come to me I will always figure something out”.

I was astonished to see those emotional outbursts of a mother’s love who has seeded her son with such love and support and learnt the actually reason what made her so persistent in her WORK LIFE: it was literally her WORK LIFE BALANCE that she had built and established that made her career shine so bright.

Author: Mitali Jain | Publisher: Kosha Life



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