Water - The Ultimate Consciousness

Water, a liquid form of matter which covers 71% of our planet. Do you know that 60% of an adult human body is water!

This colourless, odourless thing has definitely got something very magical. Come, let’s find out…   

What you already know:

Water is a great drink to quench our thirst and also the best source to stay hydrated. We can’t live without water, in short!

But it’s something way more than that.

Let’s do a little visualization now,

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting by a river or standing beneath a gushing waterfall.

How do you feel?

Also, while you get “Charanamrit” in a temple or performing any ritual, is there any kind of difference you feel while drinking that? It is a little sweet? Does it naturally calm you down for a bit?

If your answer is yes, you got me right. Water is not just a mere drink, it is eternal consciousness. It is the only traveler on the blue planet which has witnessed dynasties in making and falling apart.

I have always been fascinated with water as a child. I always have felt a strong pull towards water bodies, and this very attraction of mine became an inspiration to learn more about this humble liquid. My exploration brought me to something completely mind-boggling!!

What I had known about water all my life was not even one percent of what one needs to know.

 So, let me unveil some great secrets here…

  • Water has memory:

 Water has intelligence of its own. You think I am kidding you.  Oh no no!  This has been scientifically proved that water holds memory and remembers everything. It is evident from our scriptures that our sages used water to take vows, and even today during any ritual we make “SANKALAPS” holding water in our palms. Also, all across the globe there are various water springs, rivers and waterfalls that are known to have significant healing properties. The chemical composition of water remains the same, but the energy it carry becomes different.

  • Water knows the answer:

Yes! Like I said that water has a memory of its own and we are 95% water before birth and 60% of it as adults. The fact found in researches is; water has access to all the database- all our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and even the information that is registered in our DNA and the subconscious mind. There are people using this power of water as a manifestation channel.

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 (water crystals in different places and around different energies)

  • Water responds to every emotion and thought:

 A Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto found during his research that when water was exposed to various positive and negative emotions, its molecular structures responded and changed immediately. Not just this, when verses from Quran, Holy Bible and AUM chants were recited to water, the crystals rearranged themselves in a beautiful manner.

(images of Dr. Masaru’s research of trying to crystallize Zam Zam water)

You can even see such drastic effects of water in our everyday lives.

For experimenting, keep a glass of water on a stool or table in your living room and ask your children to play in that room. Drink that water in sometime and you’d feel a sense of calmness spreading throughout your body. It is because, the water has picked up the vibrations and energies of joy and happiness from the kids.

If the same water is kept around people fighting and abusing each other, it’s gonna pick up the vibrations of anger and hatred, and then when you drink it, it may make you feel restless and even cause some damage to your system.

From these events we clearly understand that water reads how we behave with it and it then responds the same way in our bodies. So, the agility of our body and our intelligence largely depends on how we are conducting water.

Now, you’d ask me ‘What does it actually take to understand the intelligence of water and reap its benefits’?

The answer is Awareness.

It becomes mandatory now that we start blessing our water with positive thoughts before drinking it because if water is not God, it’s no less than God. We should take each sip with Awareness and Gratitude.

It is time that we should change our perspective towards this ‘oh so available Adams ale’, and to have a happy prosperous life let’s understand that the water we drink should be happy.

 So, because you’ve come so far with me, I’d tell you something which I do on everyday basis to benefit from the healing properties of water.

Water stored in copper vessels can play a significant role in cleansing our system of various toxins. It is also good for our liver, overall health and energy.

I keep water in a copper bottle overnight, before I go to bed. In the morning the first thing I do is drink 1 glass of copper water sip by sip with all my awareness. It has really played a major role as my body feels active the whole day. So, you might try it as well.

These days, getting pure copper vessels has become difficult as well. Here’s the link to the copper bottle I use, which is authentic and 100% pure in quality.



100% Pure Copper Water Bottle | No Joint and Leak Proof | Best for Travelling Purpose, Gym, Yoga, Ayurveda Healing and Health Benefits

You can check it out and begin your journey of being more aware with water.

This is the first blog of Kosha Life. We are so glad that you read it. We would love to hear your valuable feedback. And we’ll be coming with something exciting and refreshing again very soon. Till then, take care of yourself and yes don’t forget to talk good to the next glass of water that you drink!

Author: Charu Rajpal | Editor: Taahira Kisna | Publisher: Kosha Life



I have seen great changes in my life after i started handling water well,I am so grateful for Anirudh for being a eye-opener.My awareness and gratitude towards will definitely improve each day☺️☺️

Anitha Senthil January 04, 2021

thank you😇

Ruchi Lohiya January 03, 2021

Very well versed just like a flow of water… Its give us mental pleasure also helping the other side of water advantage. Thanks just a little word… Kudos 🙏🏻

Pinaki Ganguly December 30, 2020

Just amazing so deep and thought provoking !

Anant December 30, 2020

All the information is just amazing of this blog.It explains the positive vibes💕Loved it💕

Aditi Choudhary December 30, 2020

just love this blog…… it is so enlightening , thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge

hritvi rajpal December 30, 2020

love it … this blog is soo enlightening , love the explanation thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge!!!

hritvi rajpal December 30, 2020

Reading it was enlightening, such an eye-opener. Really loved the blog.
Kudos to you!

Sitanshu Shekhar December 29, 2020

Loved every bit of the article…lots of love and light..all d best dear😀😀

Aradhika Comar December 29, 2020

It is amazinggg✨ I am going to try this ! Thanks for the knowledge.

Sandeep Kaur Sandhu December 29, 2020

Wow! Superb. ..power of water…power of copper…..power of positive vibes….and most important our rituals which mix them and distribute joy…. blessings..

Priti Aggarwal December 28, 2020

I just loved this blog..I knew about this power of water but the kind of explanation that I have got from this blog is amazing. It even motivates me to try this right away…thank you🌸

Geetika Narula December 28, 2020

💕💕💕 💕
Love u
So true

Khushboo December 28, 2020

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