Learn to value the education you receive in the background, one that’s not your formal one, one that you give to yourself. This idea must sound a bit strange to you, but please hear me out first. Under hypnosis you could accurately state what you had for lunch 3 years ago today, that’s the beauty of our subconscious mind, yet we treat it like an inaccessible psychic power.

We have our beliefs based on what the people in authority (politicians, big businessmen, etc.) told us. It's interesting how often restrictions provide us with secure cushioning. You need to be uncomfortable living in your comfort zones if you really want the satisfaction of growth.

You need to give your “grey matter” a more intense focus. once you become a willing listener to your instincts you will see your path, you will be able to create your own lineage. Sounds interesting? consider this. Do we sometimes push a door that needs to be pulled? We apply effort in a particular way that society told us and if it changes it throws us off guard. I want you to live in that off-guard fashion. I want you to become your own teacher.

Stop identifying, start questioning. have the strength to investigate every aspect of yourself. do you often get doubts about yourself? do you envy others? Do you have anger issues? you need to silence the inner chatter and pay attention. be mindful of these feelings and in your meditation tell those negative emotions “I see you. I feel you. I acknowledge you.” So, by doing that can you get rid of them entirely? the answer is both yes and no. What we need to do is to find the root of it. Don’t let these emotions twist you into being the way you are - i.e., an angry/envious/fearful person. use meditation as a technique to feel those feelings & come out of them peacefully.

First, you must eat and then digest. Develop your own techniques eat the internet, books, articles, words of a mentor, etc, and then digest the information by practicing what seemed most appropriate to your own life.

To be a good teacher you must first be a good student. Self-reflection will work here. Talk to yourself with the utmost love and compassion and with zero judgments. while meditating repeat this question “what do I fear? What can I change about this (considering that it’s something YOU can change and not circumstantial)?” trust me the answers will come from within. retraining your mind to solve your own problems instead of always being dependent upon the therapist/ alcohol/ drugs to give the answers, will bring unshakeable faith in yourself. Get your subconscious more involved and the results will be miraculous.

Trust your intuition. If the answers you’re getting don’t make sense at first don’t immediately distrust your intuition. Accept the answers with zero judgments.

Guru in Sanskrit means ‘Gu’-darkness and ‘Ru’- one who dispels darkness or ignorance. In that context be your own guru and lift yourself from darkness to light. It will bring a smile to your face, it will gladden your heart and you will find that you had more fun going solo!

Author: Kritika Pugalia | Publisher: Kosha Life



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Your blog has really motivated me . Thanks a ton!

Anamika April 18, 2021

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