Who is eating our body cells every day?

I have never been too skinny all my life but have always wanted to be size zero someday. I know I am not alone in this. There are many women I know who have spent a bomb to have that desired body. I too have put my body on a test and trial method, not just once but several times. Here is another incidence from my cauldron.

A few years ago, my husband’s dream of me flexing those abs had made him reach out to a health coach. I felt no less than a dartboard on which everybody was trying to hit a bull's eye. “You will only be eating at 2:00 PM," suggested my supremely fit husband with a broad smile. And I was being asked to go low on carbs. As I started following the routine,  I could notice changes in my body. Not that I managed to get much-desired results but I was high on energy. My skin improved and I felt great. 

It made me wonder whether a controlled diet could bring all these wonderful changes in my body or is that my metabolism. And I found my answer while I was reading an article on the science behind fasting. Today I am going to share all that I have learned during my research. So, behind all the diet and fasting a process known as autophagy is at work. Autophagy in simple words can be described as “to eat thyself”. 

Now don’t be a bundle of nerves if I tell you that your body would eat itself in the absence of food.  Autophagy is more like the housekeeping department of our body. The time we are fasting and our body does not get energy from external sources, it starts destroying and recycling its damaged cell bits and proteins, so that the new healthy version can be built.  It is more like reaching your frozen reserve when you are out of fresh food and emptying the refrigerator for new produce. 

And by now, we all have understood well how fasting can trigger autophagy to get activated in as little as 12 hours. It is autophagy which happens to be a cure for chronic diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and so on. 

Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Japanese doctor received Nobel Prize in 2016 for his extensive and groundbreaking research in the field of autophagy. And much like you all, I am also thrilled and amazed at how much our body is capable of healing itself. 

 BUT HELLO! Hold your horses before you decide to skip your next meal. Fasting doesn’t come easy for everyone. So, here is the checklist of who is entitled to fast:

THE GREEN FLAG CATEGORY: You fall into this category if 

  • You have an experience of fasting already.
  • You are used to monitoring calories and food intake.
  • You have a flexible work-life.
  • Being hungry doesn’t turn you into a monster.

THE YELLOW FLAG CATEGORY: You fall into this category if

  • You have performance-oriented work.
  • You compete in a sport.
  • You are a female.

Here it goes a bit tricky. Fasting at times can make you cranky so better hear your body. Also, fasting is seen as a reason for sleeplessness, anxiety, irregular periods, hormonal imbalance and mood swings in several females. And if you already have any of these symptoms, you are only going to make them worse by adding hunger stress to your condition. Therefore go easy on yourself.

THE RED FLAG CATEGORY: You fall into this category if

  • You are pregnant.
  • You have a history of eating disorders.
  • You are experiencing some mental health issues.
  • You are not able to sleep well.
  • You are all new to diet and exercise.
  • Your prime goal is to shed those extra pounds for the next wedding in the family.

It is very much clear now from the above mentioned information that people with red flag category should abstain from observing a fast as their body is sensitive to prolonged hunger period.

You can now choose your category and be mindful while making a choice. It is important to understand that your body is not a battleground. Fall in love with your body for it is a holy place to be. We hope you enjoyed learning all about fasting as much as we enjoyed sharing. 

We will see you next week with another interesting read. Till then stay healthy and happy.

Love and light.

Author: Charu Rajpal | Editor: Taahira Kisna | Publisher: Kosha Life


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oh my god ….. and here comes another blog of yours I am a fan of your blog series ….. I can’t stop laughing when you share your experience, there is a tint of laughter in every blog … just can’t wait for the next bloggg!!! 🙂🙂😊😊

hritvi rajpal January 26, 2021

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