Foundations of Ayurveda - Course


This course will help you to understand your body,  how you can help your body to prevent conditions and live a powerful life. This course will provide you with the fundamentals and knowledge you need to help transform your body, diet and lifestyle not only at the physical level but the psychological level too, so you can experience a state of bliss. This course is both theory and practical as the course evolves you will be able to take action to enhance your life.

You Will Have Lifetime Access To The Course.

Learn at your convenience and pace. This is a self paced course, the videos are already recorded so you can watch them at any time.

7hrs+ Content Covered - Studied and Simplified Knowledge for your convenience and understanding.

A PDF Mind Map provided with all the writings and knowledge.



After purchase you will receive a link to the 'Full course and Mind Map'

This course is inspired from 'The Textbook Of Ayurveda By Vasant Lad Volume 1' Most of the teachings and knowledge in the course are from this book.

Disclaimer; kindly note this course does not allow you to practice or treat conditions. The intention of this course to provide you with the understanding of Ayurveda and the deep roots of unconditional love and the path to enlightenment. 

Module 1: 6 Philosophies That Form Ayurveda - Shad Darshan; History of Ayurveda, how it was created and the philosophies used by Ayurveda.

Module 2: The Doshas & Their Subtypes - discover your Dosha and learn about how you can identify predominant doshas in others.

Module 3: The Digestive Fire - How agni works, it's elements and how to strengthen it according to your body type.

Module 4: 7 Dhatus - Body Tissues; at a micro-level how disease occurs and how you can identify it.

Module 5: The Bodily Channels & Systems - The channels in the body that allow you to perform day to day activities and the beauty of nature.

Module 6: Ojas, Tejas, Prana - The pure essence of human existence and how to enhance it.

Module 7: Digestion and Nutrition - Explaining the diet, tastes and the process of digestion. How it links to dosha and which foods you should eat and not eat.

Module 8: A lifestyle in Ayurveda - Practical-based approach to designing your own day (dincharya) to increase your focus, productivity and attain longevity. The path to bliss/enlightenment is also discussed.

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