Born in India, moved to New Zealand with my whole family when I was 6. I am currently studying for a bachelor's degree in Natural Medicine. I become interested in Yoga when I was 13, started practicing it every morning before school, from reading books. Then slowly when I was around 14 and 15 I became very fascinated by ancient concepts of spirituality and life. I questioned everything in life, and continue to do. The questions lead me to get answers which the society was unable to answer. The answers came from within.

I wanted to be a chef earlier because I had a passion for cooking and the idea of owning restaurants and becoming a celebrity chef was my mission in life when I was 16. In New Zealand, College is 5 Years from year 9 to year 13. During my 12th year, I made my self a vision board on which I put down many photos and dreams that I wanted to fulfill in my life. A statement I wrote was that "I will work at ______ Restaurant", I didn't put a date because frankly, I didn't when, but I had the belief that I will.

Starting of my 12th year, we got offered a Gateway experience. Long story short, the Gateway experience is an opportunity to experience where you wish to work in. So you get a feel of what your workplace will look like. There was a teacher in charge and she asked me what my passion was and in which restaurants I would like to work in. The teacher would then approach those restaurants by sending them my CV. There are some powers in the universe that work in coherence with your soul and give every opportunity to you, so you can become the best. So, the restaurant I wanted to work at and that was on my vision board approached my teacher and asked if I could come for an interview. Then we went for the interview and I got accepted!
The Gateway program experience was two weeks in which I would volunteer my time to get the experience. After two weeks as I was about to leave the restaurant, the manager asked me if I wanted to continue working as a Waiter. This was like a miracle to me, because, one... I was the youngest employee they're being only 16 years old, and working as a Waiter in a 5-star restaurant was like a dream which came true. I definitely said yes and I worked there part-time. This time got paid and studied. Working in the restaurant taught me that becoming a chef wasn't for me. All my colleagues told me that they never saw a chef in me.
The fact that I prioritise my health first, before everything else, I realised that even if I become a chef my health will be on sacrifice working 18 hours, 5 days week, on the foot under pressure and stress. I observed the chefs working in the restaurant and asked them many questions. Finally came to the conclusion that the problem is that if I put my health on the line for money, in the end, the money is going to a doctor to fix my health. So why waste so much time and effort to do something that is going to affect my health. Everyone around me, who I worked with, they were people who were sent by the universe to tell me that I can't become a chef and something is greater out there for me.
During my college years, I become deeply engaged with meditation, observing my body, how to handle illnesses. Started to read books on healing, Ayurveda, and watching videos by people from the alternative natural medicine industry. Came to the point that I stopped getting sick and started to help others in my circle to deal with diseases.
It was my final year at High School and I had to decide on what to choose as a career. My passion had developed greatly for leaning Natural Medicine. I have realised now that it is a soul calling, even though it is a very unique and unusual path to choose as an 18-year old student, I had to follow my passion.
Then I landed up in my dream learning environment, in fact, I got more than what I dreamed of wanted. Every day when I am going to my university I always feel excited, happy and it feels like I am in sync with myself, the environment around me, and this Universe. The fact that the university I study at is completely unique and different from the normal Universities in New Zealand. It's like a retreat centre where there is a unique library on ancient healing books, a swimming pool, 2 herb gardens, my class only has 30 students so we grow like a family and everyone is very close to each other. When I come home and go to bed I truly feel fulfilled that this is what makes my soul sing and just the experience of learning gives me immense satisfaction that I have done something great.
And now it's time to give back as I grow.
The universe really works for you to bring the best out in you, the fact you visited this website or went on to my Instagram page is a sign that the universe wants to help you be the best. Like Steve Jobs has said "You can only connect the dots looking backwards" I have realised that to this date everything that has happened in my life, whether it's success or failure have both contributed to making me a greater human being every day.