Module 1: 6 Philosophies That Form Ayurveda - Shad Darshan; History of Ayurveda, how it was created and the philosophies used by Ayurveda.

Module 2: The Doshas & Their Subtypes - discover your Dosha and learn about how you can identify predominant doshas in others.

Module 3: The Digestive Fire - How agni works, it's elements and how to strengthen it according to your body type.

Module 4: 7 Dhatus - Body Tissues; at a micro-level how disease occurs and how you can identify it.

Module 5: The Bodily Channels & Systems - The channels in the body that allow you to perform day to day activities and the beauty of nature.

Module 6: Ojas, Tejas, Prana - The pure essence of human existence and how to enhance it.

Module 7: Digestion and Nutrition - Explaining the diet, tastes and the process of digestion. How it links to dosha and which foods you should eat and not eat.

Module 8: A lifestyle in Ayurveda - Practical-based approach to designing your own day (dincharya) to increase your focus, productivity and attain longevity. The path to bliss/enlightenment is also discussed.